Was Jimmy Saville Really the First Person to Use Two Turntables?

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Someone tell me that this is an urban myth...

technically speaking yes... altough he did not mix as such, he was the first person to throw a party and provide music without a band or musicans...just two turntables... the first person to mix was Francis Grasso  ;)

7 below:
I don't think it is...........

He may be considered nothing more than a shell suited old dude who has dodgy Norman Bates tendencies towards his old dear but Sir Jimmy Saville is not only responsible for the rise of the DJ but maybe modern dance music as we know it.
In 1943 the teenage James Saville injured his back working in the local coalmines and was unable to return to work. Unemployed and armed only with his pension and an impressive collection of 78's he hit upon the then revolutionary idea of hiring a function room in his home town of Otley, West Yorkshire and playing these records live using a PA system hastily constructed by his mate Dave. By the end of that first night the young Jimmy had made a tidy profit of 2.10 convincing him he was on the way to superstardom. Word soon spread of Jimmy's live DJ experience and he was offered his first proper gig by Mecca ballrooms who then sent him on a tour of the UK beginning in Ilford. In 1946 Jimmy had his next revolutionary idea, which was to cut down on the gaps between the records by using 2 turntables. This technique is the fundamental idea on which modern DJing is based today. So the evidence is clear, we owe a huge amount to that mad cigar chomping geeza. Jimmy we salute you!

Roadkill the VIII:
Yeah I thought he invented the cross fasder or something...

I worked on a history documentay in which I researched the career of the great J.S. From thos aquired knowledge I can tell you this: while he may not have been the first to use two turntables, he was the first superstar DJ. As for the crossfader shizzle - in days of yore, there was no such thing, and when rocking the club, jimmy would have to talk between the records. A DJ in such backward times was judged not on his mixing or tuntablist abilities, but on the quality of his patter... it's me l time favourite; me favourite of all time. Slip it into overdrive..... let's rock


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