Today's lesson: Balearica

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Quote from: Rosie on March 10, 2006, 18:43:29

i reckon the whole package holiday Ibiza cattle-market clubbing scene reputation has put me off all things related.... which means this type of genre has been overlooked by me. I know that "its not for me" attitude makes me narrowminded to a certain extent but there we this the same for other people?

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But then, I also feel a  bit like that about D&B, its music for 'other people', yet when I actually listen to it or go to a D&B night, I usually enjoy it.

Right, for those who fancy a copy of the balearic mix I was on about (see above), here's the tracklisting. It mixes contemporary balearic moments with classic 80s vibes and a few random surprises, moving from sun-kissed downtempo cuts to Roisin Murphy via druggy Italo-influenced warmness, 6am psychedelic freak-outs and, erm, The S.O.S Band!


A Balearic Basement Blend

1. Larry Jon Wilson: Sapelo [Yap Zealand Remix] (white label)
2. Fila Brazillia: Whose Money?(Pork Recordings/TwentyThree Records)
3. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas: Varang Og Vranskeling (Eskimo Recordings)/ Bill Hicks: Great Times On Drugs (Laughing Stiock)
4. Lindstrom & Chezebelle: Music (In My Mind) (Feedelity) / Mark Thomas: Drugs/Orange Kit Kats (Laughing Stock)
5. Chemical Brothers: The Boxer [DFA Remix] (Virgin/Freestyle Dust)
6. Diefenbach: Make Your Mind [Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix] (Wall Of Sound)
7. Hot R.S: Slow Blow [SJNRL Re-Edit] (white label)
8. Imagination: So Good, So Right [Ron Basejam Re-Edit] (unreleased)
9.S.O.S Band: Borrowed Love [Extended 12” Version] (Tahu)
10. Grace Jones: Nipple To The Bottle (Island)
11.After 7: Can’t Stop [Popular People’s Front Re-Edit] (Popular People’s Front)
12. Linus Loves:The Love (Disfunktion)
13. Roisin Murphy: If We’re In Love (Echo)

If you want a copy, PM or email me (

Feel the balearic spirit  ;D

When's the next lesson?

Quote from: Hooty on March 12, 2006, 23:50:16

When's the next lesson?

Ha ha. Sometime in the coming week. Need to work out what though. I reckon ''cosmic disco". Need to brush up on my cosmicness beforehand though  ;)


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