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This thread is for everyone on the board to introduce themselves and what they are into, and what they like about what they listen to...


My name is Lata - I am 25 and studying for a PhD in physics here in Bristol.  I am into all musics, but the dance music I like most is DnB. I also like breaks, beats, UK hip hop, trip hop, electronica, reggae, jazz, very early house and rare groove, indian music, brazilian music.  Does that leave anything else?

I really like deep DnB; I love Polar, Klute, Kemal, Tech Itch, Dom, TeeBee (in fact everything from Subtitles and C18) and I adore Soul:r, Hospital, edits, plus a hell of a lot of other stuff. Recently I've been getting into guitars and acoustic and folk stuffs, and also more into Indian and other Asian styles.

Come and say hi to me if you see me!

LIVELY wannabe journalist, 23, GSOH, seeks gorgeous music to dance to, listen to, inspire and hopefully enlighten me. Must be soulful. No trance, hard house or other time wasters please. Send mp3 to: BOX NO. 57337

I like all music with a soul really. The album that made me fall in love with d&b was Metalheadz' Platinum Breakz but these days you're more likely to find me listening to stuff by Klute, Calibre and most Hospital Records artists.

Apart from d&b, I love old fashioned and neo soul, all sorts of jazz, a lot of hiphop, what I call lazy house, some breaks and stuff from the Sonar Kollektiv, Ninja, Tru Thoughts and BBE labels. I don't care what it is I'm listening to, if it makes me laugh, smile, dance or gives me the shivers (and not the way spooky stammering man-child Gareth Gates does), it gets my vote. Er, in other words, emotive stuff.

Living in a town immersed in quality d&b has spoiled me and left me very fussy. The more I follow the scene, the more it takes to get me excited about d&b, and I sometimes feel disillusioned with it as too few true innovations are being made and there's too much emphasis on remixes. But then I'll hear an amazing, mind-blowing tune that will restore my faith, innit ;)

I've always maintained that variety is the spice of life and over the past year or so I've seen more live music and more non-d&b than I could ever hope for - and I'm pretty pleased with the results. When Jazzanova's Jurgen Von Knoblauch dropped London Elektricity's Billion Dollar Gravy amongst the deep house and soul earlier this year @ Seen, I had a "moment" - that tune had never sounded even half as brilliant. Putting it in a non-d&b context totally invigorated my passion for it, and for d&b full stop. :D

So I guess what I'm saying is, you can have too much of a good thing...!

You might be thinking, er, so what has this got to do with you and who you are? Well I tend to go on a bit, big fan of the stream of consciousness biznizz, and basically suffer from a permanent case of the verbal squits. As demonstrated here.

I also say "werd" too much.

I'm simpler than those 2.
HALLO! My real name is Laura.
I live at Bristol.
I have 23 years of oldness.

OK... I like music, I like Drum and Bass, but I have to say that I don't know 1/2 as much about it as a lot of people that post on this board. I use Hijack partly to chat to other people who go to the nights I go to, partly to learn about Drum and Bass and what other peoples views on tunes and music in general are, and partly to relieve the skull numbing boredom of work. Not that I dislike my job, but all jobs have those long drawn out boring bits where you end up staring out of a window... well there's no window down here... Hijack is my window!

I can find something to appreciate in most types of music, with the exception of commercial house and trance (WHAT IS THE POINT IN IT... I DON'T UNDERSTAND!?!?!). Obviously this is a huge generalisation and there is a lot of music I don't like, but not really any genre as a whole.

D'n'B-wise, my first experience was an old helter skelter Shy FX tape, that had been copied about 18 times (nice quality!) which a mate gave me when I was about 16(ish). I liked the Chopper muchly! But most of my mates (in Cheltenham) thought I was a bit wierd so I didn't shout about it too much, and as a result didn't realise the huge expanse of D'n'B there was out there until I got to Bristol 5 years ago.

A big yummy yummy going out to (at the moment) High Contrast, TeeBee, London Elektricity, Makoto, Klute... (and the little known Resistance and D-tek'd, coz they're my mates, innit) ooo... the list is actually quite endless and I've rambled enough...

Away from music and Drum and Bass, I work in the Radio Industry, although not actually in a station. My dream is to start up my own station playing some 1/2 decent music, but right now I'm producing adverts for local car dealerships and the such...

LIVE THE DREAM WOVS, live the dream... :'( - one day!

I'm Jon
I'm 20
I'm about to enter my third year of Computer Science at Bristol Uni.  Hopefully.

I like DnB, but can't exactly say what types.  Dark, liquid, jump-up, breaky, steppy, I don't care.  If it moves me in any way, I'll probably buy it.  I also like breaks, even if most of the stuff I seem to listen to is wank.  I have turntables and plenty of vinyl, dnb and breaks.  I also like a bit of house, hip-hop (mainly old school and stuff with breakbeats in) and other electronic music.  I think the only things I don't like are trance, hard-house and cheesy new jump-up dnb.

I don't have a job and find it hard to get people to come out to clubs with me, hence my general club-lameness. I got in to dnb from a couple of CDs I'd mini-disced off my sister. I was already in to music as it is, and these CDs just made me looker harder.  I was living in the country up in Cumbria at the time, and there was (is) no underground scene where I was.  Other than the goths.  So, after doing my A-levels, I moved to Bristol, cos of the DnB. ;D  That and the record shops.

John (The) Kendall:
John Kendall, male, 22 (nearlly 23 mind), pale, ginger.

Had a place to study genetics at Imperial college London, declined to work as full-time volunteer for a Christian charity in a town near Bristol called Thornbury.

A big fan of creative and passionate music. I get excited by music that does things I've never heard before but that also moves my emotions. When i first heard drum and bass the sounds used were so unlike anything i'd ever heard and the intensity meant i could really get into it. I started buying records and eventually ended up djing the stuff I think I wanted to get more involved in the music than just listening to it. I've always been a big fan of what I would call 'rollers', tunes that groove wether dark or liquid. Fave artists include, Teebee (probably fave DJ after seeing him at locus this year) Klute, Calibre, Photek, AI, etc.
fave Bristol nights Rubiks, Locus, Intrigue, Metric.

So Now I promote and DJ at The Rubiks Cube, It started coz me and some mates wanted to run a night that was more than just a night but a community building thing. It's a difficult job but I think we've almost got the night we started out to try and create.

I think I'm a nice guy. I am ginger but I try and break the stereotypes. I'm Christian which is where me values and morals come from which can be quite challenging within the DnB scene but good fun.

I'm a big of fan of 'in words' (jargon you only use with close mates) so.. Shemal, Vibes, Shem, Hold Tight The...


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