How to speak proper Brizzle...

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A Of/To/The Can I ave one a they?/I ain't goen back a work now.
Ackrut/Ackrutlee Accurate/Accurately Ee casn't be as ackrut as I!
Aeriawl A particular region; Area What aeriawl do ee live in?
Ambag Handbag Seen me ambag muh?
Amblance Ambulance Jew see that amblance what whizzed past?
Americawl United States of America I got ee over in Americawl mind.
Anneye Haven't I I only bleeden done it again anneye!
Annum An area east of Bristol; Hanham or Haven't they They got some bigguns annum.
Annus Haven't we We both gotta get that bus ohm annus?
Ansum Handsome Eeuz evsa ansum.
Ant Has not Ee ant even ast us what weeda want!
Anudder Another Gif I anudder one in yer me luv.
Any Rate Anyway She left I. I don't care mind, I dint like err any rate.
Appapie Apple pie Appapie an custurd - gurt lush!
Ar Our Ar muh said I was right.
Ar Muh My/Our mother Ar muh's maken tea.
Ar Ole Man My/Our father Ar ole man bin down a pub all day.
Ard Tough; Violent Ee's ard as nails ee is.
Ark Look/Listen Ark at ee.
Arrmen As said at the end of a prayer; Amen Ar lord, who art in Soufmeed, be nice to I. Arrmen.
Arrtack Myocardial Infarction; Heart attack Ee ad arrtack on a bus - ee wunt driven mind.
Art Cleff An area of South Bristol; Hartcliffe
Asdawl A popular supermarket chain; Asda Ar muh's gone down Asdawl.
Assant Haven't Ee assant gone an broke it ave ee?
Assaw Asshole Yoom an assaw.
Assit That's it Assit, right yer look.
Ast Ask/Have you I ast err where Asdawl were but she dint know./Ast ee seen me keys?
Asthmawl A restrictive breathing condition; Asthma I ain't gotta do games cause I got asthmawl.
Astrawl A Vauxhall Astra Seen they ali wills on is Astrawl?
At Had Ee at a go down ar muh's ows.
Attle Avit Had to have it Once ee sawl it, ee attle avit.
Ave/Avin Have/Having Whas wonna ave fer tea?
Awd Old Ow awd are you?
Awd Ee Hold him/this/that Cas ee awd ee while I gets anudder un.
Awdeez German budget supermarket chain; Aldi I got ee down Awdeez yeserday
Awlful Awful Them bleeden pies is awlful.
Awlrite Me Luvver? Hello, how are you my friend? Awlrite me luvver? Ain't seen you frages.
Awlrite? Are you alright? Awlrite? Ow's bis?
Awlun Common An area east of Bristol; Oldland Common
Awws All I was Awws tryin to do was elp err!
Babby/Babber Baby or Friend Don't be such a babby/Churz me old babber!
Baff An affluent city south east of Bristol; Bath
Baity Riled; Annoyed Ee was getten right baity.
Bammington A game played with shuttlecock and racquet; Badminton I plays bammington down ar club.
Bananawls Bananas I got me bananawls down Asdawl.
Banjo Island An area east of Bristol; Park Estate
Bar Nil An area of East Bristol; Barton Hill
Barawl Gurnee A former psychiatric hospital Ee's a nutter. Ee awt a be in Barawl Gurnee.
Basdurd Bastard Yoom jus a basdurd, I ates you I do!
Beamer Going red in the face with embarrasment Look at the gurt beamer on ee.
Bemmie/Bedmie A resident of Bedminster, South Bristol Ee's a right Bemmie.
Bemminser An area of South Bristol; Bedminster
Benny To lose your temper Ee ad a right benny when I told im bout me an err.
Bide Still Keep Still Bide still ullee! Yoom doen me ead in!
Biggun Big one Ee's got a gurt biggun ee ave.
Bin Been Where's bin? Birfday Birthday Whas get me fer me birfday then?
Bis/Bist Are you Ow bist?
Bissen Isn't Ee bissen gonna get nuffink out a I.
Blad Useless idiot (derog.) I ain't avin Stenner on my team, ee's a total blad.
Blakforn A popular alcoholic cider drink; Blackthorn Yer, that Blakforn's bleeden gurt luverly!  <--- SKELM!!! :teeth:
Bleenell Bleeding Hell Bleenell! I forgot me miat.
Blige Blimey Blige! Ee dint do that did ee?
Borrawl Borrow Can I borrawl they shoes?
Bort Bought I bort ee dowtown yeserday.
Bout About Do ee know much bout it?
Breckfuss The first meal of the day; Breakfast Muh, wheres me breckfuss?
Bristle/Brizzle The mother city; Bristol MORE>>
Briz An area of South Bristol; Brislington
Brung Brought I brung me own.
Bung Put Jus bung it down over yer.
Byerawl Biro Cas I borrawl yer byerawl?
Cabry Eef An area of East Bristol; Cadbury Heath
Cacks Underwear What, ee ain't got any cacks on?
Camrawl Camera Jew bring a camrawl?
Canave Can I Have Canave one a they?
Cane Shum A small town south east of Bristol; Keynsham MORE>>
Cas Can Cas ee jump that un?
Casn't Can not Yer, ee casn't put that down yer.
Cawd Cold Iss bleeden cawd out yer.
Cawlcalater Calculator Can I borrawl your cawlcalater?
CD Recognition; Saw you Yer, I cd dowtown thuther day dineye?
Chimley Chimney Ast ee ad that chimley swept?
Choclut Chocolate Ar muh don't like choclut mind!
Churz Cheers Churz muh!
Cinemawl Cinema Comen down a cinemawl?
Cliffun An affluent area of North Central Bristol; Clifton
Cocker Friend Awlrite me old cocker?
Colsnawl Colston Hall I seen Shakin Stevens down a Colsnawl las week.
Coopeyin Down Bending over/Crouching down I was coopeyin down and the dog bit me ass.
Counsawl Ows A building at the bottom of Park Street; Council House Liebree? Ee's down by the Counsawl Ows me babber.
Cudda Could of Ee cudda told I ee was comen.
Cum off To fall off something I cum off me bike an got a gurt big scrage yer.
Cum Tight Painful; To hurt Ow you basdurd, that cum tight!
Cuntray Country I luvs liven in the cuntray.
Custurd Custard Got any a that choclut custurd?
Cyclepaff A murderous nutter; Psychopath Stay away from ee, ee's a cyclepaff!
Dap/Daps Run/Nip or Plimsolls Dap down the shops ullee?/You needs daps to do PE.
Dapper A small child It were all better when I were a dapper.
Darkside A nightclub in Brislington; Parkside (derog.) You ain't really gonna go up darkside?
Das That is Das a good ideawl.
Dees Casn't Do Dat You can't do that Oi! Dees casn't do dat yer!
Diarrheawl Diarrhoea I got diarrheawl when I was down Asdawl.
Diesel Getty You will get a punch (clench fist whilst saying) Diesel getty if ee don't shut it!
Dill Deal Jew get a good dill on im?
Dinnum Didn't they They made a proper mess dinnum.
Dint Did not I ast im but ee dint know nuffink.
Discolated Dislocated Ee come off is bike an discolated is arm.
Disn't Did not Yer, I disn't say ee could ave ee!
Dissis This is Dissis all err stuff mind!
Do/Do's Does Ee do's a proper job mind.
Doggen Up To look at threateningly Yer, ee's doggen I up.
Dollop A lump of something I'll jus ave a dollop a mash.
Done Did Ee done that yeserday.
Down To Weem goen down ar muh's later.
Dowtown Broadmead or the City Centre Comen dowtown?
Drawlen An illustration; Drawing I done this drawlen at school fer ar muh.
Dreckly Straight away; Directly I went dreckly ohm.
Drive A bus/taxi driver Next stop drive/Churz drive.
Drived Drove I drived ar muh down Asdawl smornen.
Dunny Doesn't he Ee looks jus like is muh dunny.
Dunt Don't/Doesn't Ar muh dunt like they cakes mind.
Dursn't Dare not I dursn't go dowtown at night.
Eadfit To lose your temper Ee ad a right eadfit when ee seen I broke it.
Eda He does Eda really luv that Fiestawl mind.
Eddlice Headlights Yer, yoom gone an left your eddlice on.
Ee He/Him/This/That/It Ee's a right nutjob ee is./Me ammer? Ee's over there.
Eeuz He was Ee cudda told I eeuz goen out.
El Dub An area of North West Bristol; Lawrence Weston
Elemm Eleven Be roun bout elemm an go dowtown.
Embray An area of West Bristol; Henbury
Engrove An area of South Bristol; Hengrove
Er Or Oozee mean, ee er I?
Erd Heard I erd your muh's a nutter.
Err Her I told err no already.
Evsa Ever so Ee's evsa ansum I reckon.
Evun Heaven Fer evuns sake!
Eyar Here you are Swannit do ee? Eyar then.
Falled To fall I falled down an ole yeserday, scraged me ass.
Famlay Family Ee gotta keep it in the famlay mind.
Fanks Thank you Is that un fer me? Fanks!
Fansay Fancy They cakes looks a bit fansay!
Fawder Folder Stick ee in that fawder fer I ullee.
Fer For Gif I it yer, I'll do it fer ee.
Feud If you had Feud locked im ee uddent a bin nicked.
Fick Thick Ee's a bit of a fick un in ee.
Fiestawl Ford Fiesta Ee got a Fiestawl XR2i. Iss gurt lush.
Fill-Un An area of North Bristol; Filton
Fin Thin Ee's a smart diet, sheem as fin as ell.
Fine Find Jew fine your phone yeserday?
Fink Think I fink ee's lush.
Fire Up To beat up You better go, ee wants to fire you up.
Fornbree A small town north of Bristol; Thornbury
Fotawl Photograph You got they oliday fotawls back yet muh?
Fought Thought I fought you said ee was lush?
Fowstay Disgusting; Mouldy I ain't eaten at, iss all fowstay.
Fowzand Thousand It only cost I free fowzand pown.
Frages For ages Ar Dave? I ain't seenin frages now.
Frampun Cotral A small village north east of Bristol; Frampton Cotterell
Free Three I got free of they now.
Froat Throat Smatter? Gotta sore froat?
Fru Through Ee went right fru they cakes like nuffink!
Fruneral Funeral Jew see that fruneral? Ee was luverly.
Fry For I (For me) Awd ee fry ullee.
Furrplay Well done; Fair play Thas yourn? Furrplay to you mate!
Furzday Thursday See you on Furzday.
Gashead A supporter of Bristol Rovers football club Yoom a gashead then is you?
Gawf Golf Swanna game a gawf?
Gawld Gold Where's get they gawld yerrens?
Gay Uncool Them trainers is so gay!
Gibbim Gave him/Give him Jew gibbim your phone number?
Gif I it Give that to me Oi! Gif I it yer.
Ginormous Smaller than gigantic but bigger than enormous They petezawls is ginormous!
Giss Give me Giss a drag on ee.
Glenner A person who is a couple of toppers short of a full loaf. (derog.) Ee's a right glenner mind!
Glider An alcoholic drink of fermented apples; Cider Fancy a glider?
Goa Go to I gotta goa bed now.
Gob/Gobbed Spit/Spat That basdurd jus gobbed on I!
Goes Going I goes on me olides next week.
Golnill An area of North West Bristol; Golden Hill
Gonna Going to Ee's gonna get it when I gets awld a ee.
Gotta Got to Yoom gotta do as ee says, ee's the boss.
Grampfer Grandfather Ar grampfer gave I a tenner.
Grampfer Grey Woodlouse Jew see the size a that grampfer grey?
Granner Grandmother You stayen wiv I or goen with your Granner?
Guddun A good one Ee's ell of a guddun ee is.
Gurls Girls Jew see they gurls las night?
Gurt Biggun SS Great Britain I went down the Gurt Biggun wiv scaw.
Gurt/Gert Very Them shoes is gurt macky. Ow bigs your bleeden feet?
Gutted Pissed off I jus ad me bike nicked, I'm right gutted.
Gwahn Go on Ah gwahn, please.
Gwahn En Go on then Goen? Gwahn en. Ee won't be mist by I.
I/Ise I have/am I bin out all day wiv ar muh./Ise goen dowtown awlrite?
Ideawl An idea I got an ideawl, get that un.
Ijut Idiot Ee's a bleeden ijut ee is!
Ikeawl A large Swedish furniture store I got ee down Ikeawl, smart innit.
Ill Hill They got loads a big ills in Briz.
Im Him Thas im there.
Inchew Aren't you Yoom a bit fick inchew.
Innit Isn't it Thas a bit big innit?
Innum Isn't it/he/she or Aren't they Ark at err, full a crap innum?
Int Isn't/Am not Ee's a bad un int ee/I int goen dowtown.
Is His Oi! Das is dinner notchores!
Iself Himself Ee do's it all iself.
Iss It is Snot mine! Iss ar Dave's.
Itchy-barry Bristolian derivative of 'itchy-chin'. Declaration of disbelief You snogged err? Yeah, itchy-barry!
Jammer Somebody who is very lucky Ee's a jammer.
Jammy Lucky You jammy git.
Jan Tramp (derog.) Jew get that coat out the bin? You steppy jan!
Jasper Wasp I got stung by a jasper.
Jeerme? Did you hear me? You ain't goen out atawl now, jeerme?
Jew Do you Jew know where ee be?
Jigsawl Jigsaw I done this gurt macky jigsawl today.
Jitter A person with long hair. (derog.) Ee's a right jitter ee is.
Kangsood A town north east of Bristol; Kingswood
Keener Somebody who works hard (derog.) Ee done all his ohmwork, ee's a right keener.
Kiddie Boy/Youth (anything up to mid-twenties) What im? Ee's just a kiddie.
Kinave Can I have Kinave one a they?
Koffay Coffee Comen back fer a koffay?
Lackey Band Elastic Band Ee flicked I wiv a lackey band.
Laff Laugh We was jus avin a laff.
Lamminutt Laminate Ar floors is all lamminutt now.
Laters See you later You off? OK, laters.
Lav I will have Lav one a they ta.
Lectric Electric Yoom got one of they lectric tuffbrushes?
Led To lie down (past tense) I bin led down all day.
Leebim/Leebem Leave him/them Leebim alone, ee wunt doen nuffink.
Leevellen Evening Is ee goen out tomorrawl leevellen?
Lemerlade/Lemnade Lemonade Ar muh brung I some lemerlade and it were lush.
Lend Borrow Can I lend a pound off ee?
Lent Borrowed I lent ar my muh's car off err yeserday.
Les Let us We goen then? Yeah, well les go.
Lessaf Can I have Lessaf a look at ee.
Lesson Less than Muh, you da give I lesson you gave err.
Lidawz German budget supermarket chain; Lidl She works down Lidaz now mind.
Liebree Library I got loadsa books out a the liebree.
Like See Pronunciation Guide
Lissen Listen Jus lissen to ee, ee finks ee da know it all.
Lit Lun A young child Thee casn't even smack a lit lun no more.
Look See Pronunciation Guide
Lush Exceptionally nice That sandwich was gurt lush.
Luverly Lovely Jew see er? She looked luverly.
Luvver Friend/Mate (non sexual) Churz me luvver.
Macky Very big Your feets macky.
Marnin Morning I see thee in the marnin then.
Masarge Massage Comen down the masarge parler?
Mauve Yer I'm over here Where am I? Mauve yer look.
Mawday Mouldy They cakes is all bleeden mawday!
Mazen Amazing No way! Thas bleeden mazen!
Me My Me head's killen.
Meader A resident of Southmead, North West Bristol (derog.) Shaint goen out wiv a meader is she?
Member To remember Member that that bird you pulled up Chasers? Wot a munter!
Mentalist To be mental/mad/psychologically disturbed Ee's a bit of a mentalist mind!
Meself Myself I got one a they meself.
Miat My hat I left miat on a bus.
Mied My head I twatted mied on the floor.
Mind See Pronunciation Guide
Mint Very good Thas mint! Churz!
Moron More than They bleeders give us moron we dill wiv.
Muh Mother Ar muh got the dinner on.
Mungry I am hungry Muh, mungry, whas fer tea?
Munter A person who's not very attractive (derog.) I wouldn't touch err, she's a right munter.
Murr Mirror Ave ee looked in the murr smornen? Yoom a right state.
Nawl Wess An area of South Bristol; Knowle West
Nebbersin Never seen I ain't nebbersin ee round yer.
Needawz Needles I got pinz an needawz!
Needs Require You needs a bath, you stink.
Nellzee A town west of Bristol; Nailsea
Nerr Never You dint win? Nerr mind.
No Not Fancy goen out then or no?
Notchores Not yours Das notchores so leave it alone.
Nowse Knows Ee nowse where to find I!
Nuffink Nothing We wunt doen nuffink.
Of Have I could of brung it ohm but I dint.
Off Of Off Where do ee get off of a bus en?
Oh Ah I understand/Oh yes Oh ah, I knows ee.
Ohm Home I bin sat ohm all day.
Olides Holidays Ee bin on is olides.
Oops Hoop style earings Is they your bird's gawd oops?
Ooze Who is/Who do you (as in a question) There ain't nobody ooze fer the war yer./Ooze mean?
Oozee Who does he Oozee know down yer?
Oozeefink Who does he think Oozeefink ee is?
Ore Field An area of North Bristol; Horfield
Osbidal/Ospiall Hospital I bin up a osbidal wiv ar muh all night.
Our My Ar dad's gurt macky mind!
Ow How or Out Ow'd ee do dat?/Look ow, ansum, yer she comes.
Ow Bist? How are you? Awlrite? Ow bist?
Pacifically Specifically Ee pacifically said to put it yer.
Painen Giving me pain/To be in pain I gotta see a dentist, me tuff's painen I rotten.
Parler Tawk Bristolian hip hop crew; Parlour Talk Erd that Padlocked Tonic? Them Parler Tawk blokes is mint.
Pataytawls Potatoes Jew get they pataytawls down Asdawl?
Pennety Penalty The ref gave I a pennety.
Petezawlut A popular pizza restaurant; Pizza Hut We's all goen down petezawlut mind.
Pewjoe A French car; Peugeot Blige, jew see that Pewjoe? Ee was lush!
Picka Pickle Cheeze an picka for I!
Pigsty Ill An area of Gloucester Road known only by residents and bus drivers. Ore Field Prison? Yeah, thas up by Pigsty Ill.
Pitchen Settling Look, the snow's pitchen outside!
Pitcher Picture She ad a gurt lush pitcher on err wall.
Plasterscene Plasticine Ar lit luns maken a morf outta plasterscene.
Pot Nuda Pot Noodle Got any a they curry pot nudas?
Pown Pound Jew get ee down a pown shop?
Por'ersed A coastal town near Bristol; Portishead
Prawln Cocktell Prawn Cocktail Lav one a they prawln cocktells fer a starter.
Prittee Pretty I luvs err cause she's real prittee.
Proper Excellent Them birds las night was proper smart.
Proper Job A job well done Ee done a proper job on that kitchen.
Puwher Computer Got a new puwher? Smart un innit?
Pyeanhalf A pint and a half Pyeanhalf a Blakforn fer I Dave.
Pyjarmers Pyjamas Ar muh told I to put me pyjarmers on.
Quicken A fast one Blige! Ee's a quicken innum!
Quipmant Equipment Ee got all the proper quipmant mind.
Raggy Hand rolled cigarette Swanna raggy?
Rawl A bread roll They am rawls looks lush!
Razbrizz Raspberries They got razbrizz in them mind.
Replicawl A copy; replica Don't buy they, thas jus a replicawl.
Rit Wrote I rit to ar dad in Ore Field smornen.
Rus Else/Or else Gif I it yer rus I'll belt thee!
Sabout It's about The vidjoe? Sabout a nutter an is bird.
Sadly Broke A recently built area of North Bristol; Bradley Stoke
Safternun This afternoon I ain't goen back a work safternun mind.
Salid Salad Muh! I don't like salid, got any chips?
Sangwedge Sandwich Lessaf more cheese in me sangwedge.
Sawl Saw I sawl it an I jus attle avit!
Scaw School Goen a scaw safternun or not?
Scowin Are you going Scowin ohm then or wot?
Scrage To graze/scratch yourself I fell over an scraged me knee.
Scrumps Small pieces of fried batter When I goes down the chippy I always aves scrumps wiv me chips.
Scud A scab; as result of a scrage I got a macky scud on me knee.
Scummy Not very nice; Dirty D'you see that kitchen, that was scummy.
Scutler A promiscuous girl (derog.) What err? She's a right scutler.
Scutlers Lambert and Butler cigarettes Gif I one a they scutlers.
See See Pronunciation Guide
Seen Saw I seen ee yeserday.
Seenin Saw him Las time I seenin ee were up Chasers.
Semm Seven Ee's goen out bout six or semm a clock.
Shag A friend/mate Awlrite shag!
Shaint She isn't Shaint as good as she finks she is.
Sheda She does Sheda get right on me tits she do.
Shire An area of West Bristol; Shirehampton
Shithead A fan of Bristol City football club (derog.) Me own muh's a shithead! I don't wanna believe it!
Shot Away Mad; Insane Twenny quid fer that? You gotta be shot away.
Shrammed To feel really cold Shut them bleeden doors, Ise shrammed in yer!
Shup Shut up Will ee jus shup!
Simler Similar Ee's simler to that un I got.
Sint Saint I lives down Sint Pauls.
Skelington Skeleton Yer, d'you see that skelington on the tele?
Slider Childrens playground slide They got a slider down the park?
Smart Very nice That new mini's smart.
Smatter What is the matter? Smatter wiv err now?
Smoothin the cat Stroking the cat I bin smoothin the cat.
Smornen This morning I got up smornen an she was gone.
Snell Small slimy creature carrying a shell; Snail Don't step on any a they snells mind or diesel getty!
Sno Do you know Sno anyone who do know?
Snot It is not Snot mine! Iss ar muh's.
Soufmeed An area of North Bristol; Southmead
Spanner An idiot Don't be a spanner!
Spawnay Lucky Ar muh always wins, she's so spawnay!
Spect so I expect so Muh, can I ave petezawl fer me tee? Spect so.
Spenshun Suspension We bin up the spenshun bridge all day.
Spensive Expensive They daps is evsa spensive.
Speshly Especially I made it speshly for you me babber.
Spinner Liar They ain't yours you bleeden spinner!
Spooner Somebody who is not very bright (derog.) Ee's a right spooner.
Spoony Uncool Them shoes is a bit spoony.
Spreethed Rough cracked skin through cold It wunaff cawd! Ar ands got all spreethed.
Stayshun Station Do ee know where Temple Meads stayshun is?
Steller A popular Belgian lager beer; Stella Artois Get I anudder Steller Dave, but don't spill im mind!
Stingers Stinging Nettles Muh, I fell in they stingers!
Summut Something I ad summut simler meself once mind.
Sumpfen Something I gottle get ar muh sumpfen for err birfday.
Swant/Swanna? Do you want? Swant I to do that?
Swellead An arrogant smug self satisfied person Oooh ark at ee, gurt swellead.
Swot It is what Swot ee deserves mind!
Syew It is you Tiz innit? Syew! I fought so.
Ta To Tell I when wedda get ta where ee is.
Taardown An area of South Bristol; Totterdown
Taint It isn't Taint alf ot muh.
Tamorra Tomorrow Ee be goen dowtown tamorra mind.
Tawk Talk I don't wanna tawk bout it no more.
Thas That is Thas right, we was there all day.
That ain't right? Is that correct? I erd you got the sack, that ain't right?
The Gas Bristol Rovers Football Club The Gas are at ohm tonight mind.
The Kiddiez The best Weem the kiddiez!
Thee You Why casn't thee go down the shop?
Them Those Them daps is lush, wheres get em?
Theys They are Theys just gonna be a pain in the ass.
Thur There Ee was gone when we got thur.
Thuther/Tuther The other Is thems thuther ones there?
Tight Mean Yer, don't be so tight, gif im some of yours.
Tisunt It is not Iss tonight innit? Tisunt! Snot till tomorrow!"
Tiz size="1" color="#000000" face="Verdana" It is Thas notchores! Tiz. Taint. Tiz. Whatever.
To Used as a reference to a location. Wheres that to? Where you to?
Toon To him I said toon, ee casn't ave it!
Topper The end piece of a loaf of bread; Crust I don't want no sangwedges made out of toppers mind!
Trimens Christmas decorations Muh, whens we gonna get the trimens up?
Tuff Tooth I bin down the dentist to ave me tuff out.
Tuffbrush Toothbrush I got a new tuffbrush down Asdawl today.
Tump A small grassy hill Watch I rawl down this tump.
Turbo Island A small patch of Stokes Croft grass frequented by white cider drinking street folk.
Turkay Turkey I luvs turkay at Chrizmuz.
Turnt Turned You shoulda turnt left not right.
Twas It was That wasn't yourn! Twas you glenner!
Twasnt/Twant It was not Twasnt fer ee I said!
Twat To hit Ee twatted im wiv a bottle.
Twenny Twenty Lav twenny a they.
Uddent/Unt/Ussent Wouldn't I uddent mess wiv ee mind. Ee's ard!
Ullee Will you Jus bleedin shut up ullee!
Un One Is at un yourn?
Ungray Hungry Is ee ungray? Swant some tea?
Up To Jus goen up the shops muh awlrite?
Urt Pain; Hurt Bleenell that urts!
Vawlse Vase Jus stick they flowers in that vawlse.
Vegabull Vegatable Do ee ave vegabulls with petezawl?
Verrewkawl Verruca Thee casn't goa swimen baffs wiv a verrewkawl.
Vidjoe Video Jew set the vidjoe?
Virrickawl Vehicle I drives a public service virrickawl.
Wackum To hit somebody Did ee wackum?
Wallop A hit Ar dad's gonna give I a right wallop later.
Wanna Want to Wanna go dowtown?
Warter Water Muh, canave some warter?
Wassat What was that Yer, wassat noise?
Wasson What is on Wasson the tele muh?
Wayten Waiting I bin wayten frages already!
Was Were We was over there.
Weeda We do Thas not what weeda need yer.
Weem We are Weem in a right mess now.
Wells A country close to Bristol; Wales
Were Was Ee were full of crap.
Werk Work I bin a werk safternun anneye
Wernit Wasn't it That film las night was mint wernit muh?
Wessbree An area of North West Bristol; Westbury-on-Trym
Wesson A coastal resort on the Bristol Channel; Weston-super-Mare
Whas What are/do (you) or What is Whas up to?/Whas fink?/Whas up wiv ee?
Whas Ee Chatbout? What is he talking about? Whas ee chatbout? Sawl bleeden rubbish.
Whas Fink? What do you think? Whas fink of ee then me babber?
Whas Mean? What do you mean? Whas mean ee dunt wonna go?
Whasser What is the Whasser bleeden point?
Where You To/Wer Bis? Where are you? I casn't find ee, where you to?
Wheres Where have/did you Wheres get ee?
Wheres Attoo? Where is that? Baff? Wheres attoo?
Wheres Eetoo? Where is he? I knows ee's ere the basdurd! Wheres eetoo?
Wheres Goen? Where are you going? Wheres goen to muh?
Widdywud An area of South Bristol; Withywood
Widjew With you You bring that game widjew?
Will Wheel Jew sells wills?
Will Barrel Wheelbarrow I done me gardnin wiv a will barrel.
Windawl Window Yer, open them windawls will ee?
Wiv With Whas avin wiv your chips?
Wobby What are you Wobby on about?
Wonna Want to Wonna go dowtown?
Woof A wild animal belonging to the dog family; Wolf Whasser time mister woof?
Wudjew Would you Wudjew go out with my mate?
Wunaff Wasn't half Ee wunaff good looken!
Wunt Was not I wunt even gonna do that!
Xterr A city in Devon; Exeter
Yawl You will Yawl get me fist if ee ain't quiet.
Yer Hey/Excuse me or Here or Ear (singular) Yer you seen ar little un? Yeah ee's over yer.
Yer Awl Earhole Ow many studs you got in that yer awl?
Yer Tiz Here it is Your wallet? Yer tiz.
Yerrens Earings Thems nice yerrens, is they gawld?
Yers Ears Sabout time you cleant yers out.
Yeserday Yesterday I went dowtown yeserday, I ain't goen safternun.
Yewar Here you are Yewar ave this un ee's better.
Yoom You are/have Yoom right clever you is/Yoom left your wallet ohm?
Yourn Yours Zat yourn?
Yungun Somebody younger than yourself; Young one Awlrite yungun, ow bist?
Zat Is that Zat un youn?
Zider An alcoholic drink of fermented apples; Cider Zider I up landlord!

shup u blad!!  :teeth:

Quote from: ŠKelm on February 13, 2007, 08:39:38

shup u blad!!  :teeth:



Blakforn A popular alcoholic cider drink; Blackthorn Yer, that Blakforn's bleeden gurt luverly!  <--- SKELM!!! Bad Teeth
   :slayer:  :-*

mr faster:
i cant help but read most of that in some dodgy northern accent!



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