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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

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« on: November 13, 2021, 06:10:29 »

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

After a little bit of teasing, the World of Warcraft team has unveiled the next update to the Shadowlands expansion in Eternity’s End, update 9.2. This will mark the “end” of Shadowlands, as its final major content update to bring the story to its epic conclusion. The developer preview video has also been released, which you can watch below:To get more news about safe wow gold, you can visit lootwow.com official website.

The update sees the culmination of stories from Warcraft 3, with Eternity’s End dubbed the final chapter of “one book” in the entire saga. Coming into the update, the Jailer has acquired the Sigils of the Covenant leaders, and has taken a Dominated Anduin with him to somewhere. Sylvanas has been captured, after realizing her part in being a pawn of the Jailer and refusing to serve him anymore. The Primus has gotten us to retrieve new Sigils, and now, we pursue the Jailer to Zereth Mortis. We were given an opportunity by Blizzard to sneak a peek at the update, which you can read on below.

This alien place greets you with pure white, as you walk on water and finding various shapes, devices and consoles hanging in the space before you. Beyond the gate is Zereth Mortis, where the First Ones created the afterlives. It’s the “behind-the-scenes” of all the zones you’ve seen before, being the progenitor’s workshop. The First Ones have created everything in Azeroth, the Shadowlands and realms known and unknown, their methods and intentions remaining mysterious.

Find floating trees and stones, and the Forge of Afterlives in which a new afterlife will be created and sent to the Shadowlands. The water is meant to represent the catalyst of creation. Being able to walk on the surface separates you and the primordial space right beneath your feet. The duality of Zereth Mortis is as such where a more barren landscape shows you how the world looked like when the First Ones initially arrived, while the lush biomes are a result of their experimentation of life once they were established.

The creatures here are fundamentally prototypes, and don’t look completely organic. In the First Ones’ absence, the Automa remain. These mechanical beings are essentially the caretakers, each having their own role as builders, protectors or casters. Alongside them are the Jiro, the more “quirky” beings that seem to have more sentience than the regular Automa. The Jiro are even capable of pursuing their own desires.

In our pursuit of the Jailer, the Devourers have also followed. As their name suggests, they are hungry, feasting on energy that are making them mutate and fall apart. You’ll find some of the Automa trying to fight them off, and you’ll have to help them chase out these threats.

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