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Why the world needs a better LED light bulb

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« on: November 13, 2021, 06:48:49 »

Why the world needs a better LED light bulb

Light bulbs are a big upgrade from fires and candles. Every year, homes in informal settlements burn down in Africa because of fires used for heating and lighting. So electrical light bulbs with filaments brought about a revolution at home and work.To get more news about SupFire Flashlight, you can visit flashlightbrand.com official website.

Still, all these options are too hot to handle carelessly. They also give off lots of heat, and light up everything around them with a rosy-tinged hue. In other words, good for romance and atmosphere, but not good for low lighting bills.

These days, light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are available for middle-class homes. The bulbs reduce the lighting bill to a fraction of what's needed for other options. They also last many times longer. An LED bulb can be a cozy "warm white" light or a "cold white" for offices. LED bulbs don't get hot and don't break easily. Their light can be focused, so it is easy to light up only what is needed.

Current LED bulbs are ideal for those with the finances to keep replacing them, and to pay ever-rising electricity bills. LEDs also function well in battery-powered lanterns during power outages or camping trips.
This still leaves a huge number of households and businesses around the globe vulnerable to inadequate lighting, or risking a fire at home by burning candles to see what they are cooking, or to study.

But if an LED bulb can be a fraction of the cost and last much longer, safe lighting can become accessible to more people.We're working on making the light-emitting material in LEDs shine brighter and last longer, says Prof Odireleng Martin Ntwaeaborwa. He is at the Department of Physics at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).

"The material has to be chemically stable to make a long-lasting device. It should not degrade much over time. It should last as least twice as long as current materials, and be highly energy efficient. It needs to surpass what's available in the market today," he adds.

In an article published in the Journal of Luminescence, Ntwaeaborwa and others show how adding a common compound to a safe light-emitting material can create much brighter light. They added sulfate to zinc oxide doped with the rare earth cerium. They shined a laser on the compound to get it to emit light in the laboratory-based research.Zinc oxide is being studied world-wide, because it is already used in many electronic devices, says Mr Machaba Letswalo, who performed the laboratory experiments towards attaining his Ph.D.

"The intensity of light emitted by zinc oxide doped with cerium is low. Adding the sulfate increases the intensity. In other words, the material emits a brighter light with the same laser excitation," he adds.

"The sulfate helps the compound to better absorb the primary excitation from the laser, and to transfer this excitation to the light centers in the compound."
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