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Use sex dolls for sex training

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« on: November 16, 2021, 07:50:21 »

Use sex dolls for sex training
This article will focus on how we men use silicone sex doll to "train" the bed better. Most of the content in this article will be devoted to increasing endurance. Whether you have severe premature ejaculation or just want to better control your orgasm, we will introduce it below. Another focus of this article is how to implement these sexual tools to make them better in different positions. Learn more about it further.
First is the first thing. How do we use all kinds of naughty tools to learn how to lie in bed longer? One of the key factors for this is lack of pressure. We will use something that simulates the real feeling of a female vagina without actually leaving the rest of her there. If she is actually present, this can alleviate any anxiety or behavioral anxiety that may occur.To get more news about [coco sneakers yeezy, you can visit cocoshoes.net official website.

Once you learn these skills in her absence, these skills can be more easily continued when you are truly with her. Remember, any form of stress or anxiety, especially on things such as PE, will weaken a man's sex life and is definitely an erection killer. In the beginning, they must be avoided at all costs. Therefore, we will use non-judgmental tools. One of the best items you can pick for these purposes is a sex doll. It is made of material very similar to the real vagina.
They are also shaped according to the porn star you choose. They literally took the perfect picture of the girl’s vagina and then copied it so that not only did she feel like she was lying in bed, but it also looked like the porn she liked. These are of course in the standard vagina, but there are also in the anus and oral models! That's great... apply a little more lube after heating it up and heat it to death, it does feel like you are in some hot snatch. Shaped like a woman's mouth, made of real tactile materials, it will automatically slide up and down according to the intensity and speed you want. Don't be tired anymore!

Other things that we can use are discussed elsewhere on the site, such as vibrators and prostate stimulators, but for this particular article, we focus on being used to staying in a woman’s vagina for longer, so they Will not participate in the discussion. Incidentally, once the foundation is not perfect, you can use them to further enhance your endurance...
So this is all about getting the right tools, then practicing, practicing, practicing! The basic agreement is slow to start. Lubricate well and use slow motion, you can really understand your body's feelings and response to stimuli. Slowly increase your orgasm, then shrink back when approaching.

It is important to know your arousal rate and know when you need to slow down or stop stimulation. When you take deep breaths, you should practice fully, and the time from the start of stimulation to the point of no recovery (ejaculation is inevitable) will be extended. Of course, suppose you are still practicing standard and reverse Kegels to strengthen your "sexual muscles." Another point I want to focus on in this article is how to use these techniques to make myself a more skilled partner in different positions. This can be achieved in many ways. For mini sex doll, you can get a variety of accessories. They look like a long rod that can be placed at different angles to simulate different positions.
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