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‘New World’ Needs A Content Roadmap As Soon As Possible

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« on: November 16, 2021, 07:06:06 »

‘New World’ Needs A Content Roadmap As Soon As Possible

New World has had a successful launch. It became one of the top, most concurrently played Steam titles of all time with over 900,000 players near launch, but that has quickly dropped to around half that, and the game is at risk of losing the interest of players. With no subscription fee like other MMOs, there’s nothing preventing players from setting the game down and not feeling like they’re paying to keep playing, so it’s easier to drop.To get more news about buy new world, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Some players may tire of the grind before max level, both others at max level may not love what they’ve found there, limited PvE content options and a never-ending cycle of PvP territory battles. As such, I think New World needs a content roadmap.

Roadmaps are pretty par for the course for most “live” games, but we really don’t know much of anything about how New World plans to roll out future content. Are they doing huge expansions like other MMOs? Are they trickling out new content gradually instead? Is it paid, free? We really have next to no idea, which is why a roadmap of their future plans would help provide some clarity.The closest thing we have to recent discussion about their future plans is a tweet responding to a player about their priorities going forward:

They promise more weapons, features and content in the future, but we don’t have timelines or a description of what exactly that means. Having played enough “live” games, I will say that it very much helps with current content engagement if you know what future content is coming, and what you’re working toward. Having no idea about the future of New World past this release window is not ideal for a game that no doubt wants to live on for years.

So far, the only thing New World has added to the game outside of bug fixes is a cosmetic store update for Halloween with some (admittedly very good) skins for weapons and armor. I just don’t want the game to slide into a Marvel’s Avengers situation where 95% of all updates end up being cosmetic store changes focused on driving microtransactions instead of actual new content.I would assume New World is going to try to follow its contemporaries like WoW and FFXIV and focus on larger expansion campaigns, which always help drive engagement and increase playercount whenever those are released. But the scale of those, the cost and the timing are all unknowns, as is whether Amazon is definitely choosing that path at all.

I think New World has long term potential, and yet I think they need to be a little more up front about their short, medium and long term plans. Bug fixes are great, but this is very much a live game, and we need to know what’s coming, and if it’s worth sticking around for.
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