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 on: August 07, 2017, 13:24:14 
Started by Sodapop - Last post by Sodapop

 on: August 06, 2017, 19:44:08 
Started by Skat Kat - Last post by ThinKing
Bumping this classic thread. Tomato Bad Teeth

 on: August 03, 2017, 08:54:41 
Started by Hooner - Last post by 639
He has to support the will of the people.

A lot of people were mislead during the referendum (350M red bus being the classic)
Saying that a lot of voters still blame non UK nationals for all their problems but the next group on their hate list are rich toff tories.

If Corbyn goes against Brexshit those voters that hate the tories will default back to the dislike of non UK Nationals and the tories would then roll out the murdoch propaganda wagon to whip people up into a nationalist fervour again.

So he could have fought for another referendum causing Labour popularity to take a hit but instead he's pulled the punch and is watching the tories writhe around like a slug in salt. The short term effects of this are very uncomfortable (DUP) and I'm personally worried about the scale of damage the tories can do before the next election. But labour stand a good chance of ousting them. If they oppose brexit directly that lowers the odds.

Battle/War etc etc

(i have a small hope brexit will fizzle out and somehow become a non event)

 on: August 03, 2017, 04:16:16 
Started by Hooner - Last post by Hooner
Can someone explain to me why Corbyn seems to still be pro-Brexit?

Wouldn't Labour clean up if they went up against the Tories in that respect?

 on: August 02, 2017, 17:06:24 
Started by top cat - Last post by Block Party
Top stuff Top Cat.

 on: July 31, 2017, 12:36:23 
Started by top cat - Last post by Evs

 on: July 30, 2017, 23:27:15 
Started by Hooner - Last post by top cat

We hate the Tories as much as we ever had.

Yep, we're all still united on that front!  Smiley

 on: July 30, 2017, 23:11:40 
Started by top cat - Last post by top cat
Hello, I actually had to write a genuine letter of complaint this week, to Easyjet. Apologies if this one is not funny, but all those years of practice seem to have paid off as they have offered to refund me my 90.00, and I received a series of profuse apologies over the electric telephone from a worried sounding Scotsman.   Two Thumbs  NERD ALERT! Wink


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to notify you of the inappropriate and unprofessional conduct of a member of your Stansted Airport team on 23/7/17 while waiting for the delayed flight **** to Nice. I have flown with Easyjet many times in the past and have never encountered this type of situation. As with any service I pay for, I would expect 'reasonable care and skill' from the seller, and this would obviously include the conduct of the client-facing staff.

According to her name tag the person in question is called '************'. No surname was given.

Aspects of her behaviour, listed in detail below, succeeded in making a number of your customers very upset and angry, and led to a number of verbal altercations.

Part of my profession involves working with emotionally and behaviourally challenged people; I am often obliged to remain calm and not allow individuals' actions to affect my judgement or demeanour, however inappropriate or offensive that behaviour may be.

However, after this interaction with your staff member both myself and my partner were absolutely furious due to the offensive, aggressive and patronising way in which we were treated, and the pathetic unprofessional conduct on display.

This is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. We will never use EasyJet or any of your other services again. We often travel to the south of France to visit family and friends, therefore you have lost two regular passengers, as we will now use other airlines and airports.

In my recollection of this fractious experience, ************'s actions included:

i) Shouting at the queue - regardless of whether staff are pressed for time, this is simply unacceptable. Why not use the tannoy system?

ii) From the outset ************ appeared to be looking for confrontation. The young girl queueing behind us commented that her behaviour was 'really aggressive'. At this point we had not spoken directly to her, but found this conduct unpleasant and unnecessary.

iii) There was a discussion between many passengers and members of your staff about hold luggage and hand luggage. A number of passengers, including ourselves, were unaware of your current policy, and were unimpressed, especially as putting luggage in the hold would cause further delays at the other end of a flight that was already an hour and a half late. We were lucky to be able - just - to catch the last bus to our hotel at Nice airport. Several passengers had bought items in duty free that they could not fit in their suitcases, meaning they had to pay a 45 per person charge, which was not clearly outlined in your terms and conditions, appearing instead in small print.

This is a practice that has already had a very negative impact on the reputation of low cost airlines.

We 'paid under protest' a fee of 90.00, and verbally notified your staff at Stansted that we were 'paying under protest'.

************ helpfully pointed out to passengers that we 'should have printed out the ticket' if we wanted more information on terms and conditions.

Incidentally, it was noteworthy that the Easyjet staff at Nice Airport on our return flight did not attempt to enforce this practice; indeed no mention at all was made of it. I can only assume French consumer law is stricter on these matters, and quite rightly so.

iv) ************ tried to show my partner the terms and conditions regarding hand luggage in Italian, which would not have been a problem except that this was done in a patronising and condescending manner.

v) ************ then accused us of trying to put our belongings in other people's luggage, which was not only a rather bizarre and incorrect accusation - why would I put my valuables in a complete stranger's suitcase? - but was again delivered in a rude and aggressive way.

vi) Throughout these discussions ************ was asked not to raise her voice on several occasions. ************ did not succeed in meeting this polite request.

vii) ************ should be made aware that in customer service roles it is polite to refer to clients by their names, or as 'Sir' or 'Madam', rather than saying things such as 'you and you, come here'.

viii) ************ made smug, sarcastic comments about my partner's financial status as she had changed a lot of her money into Euros, and was therefore not in a position at that moment to pay the supplementary luggage charge.

ix) ************ made several other snide comments during these discussions which included an assortment of backchat, and shouting 'HAVE A LOVELY HOLIDAY' at us as we left to board, as well as 'REMEMBER YOU ARE ON CAMERA' the implication being, I presume, that we would attempt some act of vandalism on our way to the plane. This may be something that other passengers have done in the past, especially if they had received similar treatment, but it is not something I would consider, and I find such an insinuation extremely offensive.

I strongly suggest you send ************ on an extensive and thorough customer service training course, or find a non client-facing role for her, as she currently appears incapable of interacting with passengers in a civil manner, and as mentioned above seemed to be actively looking for confrontation. I suspect that this is not the first time she has behaved in this way.

Furthermore, you may wish to consider social media's impact on your company's reputation, and the work of consumer rights organisations such as 'Which', consumer affairs pages in the UK press and the Radio 4 'You and Yours' programme, who already take a keen interest in Easyjet's practices.

I understand that the UK's Brexit vote may significantly impact on your business - in this climate you really ought to be avoiding bad publicity via incidents such as this one. This morning I read with interest - but not surprise - the news of a passenger at Nice airport being punched in the face by an Easyjet contractor.

Perhaps Easyjet needs to take a look at its recruitment policy, and ensure that all staff receive training on what professional conduct in the service industry should and should not look like.

Yours faithfully,

etc etc


 on: July 30, 2017, 01:52:18 
Started by Hooner - Last post by Hooner
Plenty of room in my shed if anyone wants to come over.

Just make sure you don't arrive by boat.

 on: July 28, 2017, 11:29:23 
Started by Evs - Last post by Block Party
I couldn't access Hijack for a week or so at work. I was hoping I'd not missed out on some super important thread  Bad Teeth

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