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 on: December 15, 2014, 12:39:00 
Started by dustaudio - Last post by dustaudio
Out Now

A1: Gerwin feat LaMeduza – Life Cycle
A2: Trilo – Voicefreak
B: Life Cycle (Break Remix)

Release date: Mon 15th December 2014
Distribution: Triple Vision
Format: 12” Vinyl & Digital
cat no: duad005

Purchase from:


Listen Here:

“French future soul man Gerwin teams up with Geneva songstress LaMeduza for a future funk cut aptly named Life Cycle.
Opening up with a lonely organ behind a trickle of water, Gerwin smoothly transcends us into some perfectly played guitars licks countering the lush piano hooks.
LaMeduza opens up her vocal chords with a look back at yesteryear before the hypnotic and electro bass drifts you on to the dancefloor, with the tight percussion keeping you moving to the already perfect melody.
The vocal will be in your head for weeks after the first listen
and it’s a tune that will evoke different emotions inside the soul of even the hardened drumnbass fan, perfection.

Trilo has been making waves of late with works on synonymous label Renegade Hardware, here he debut’s for Dust Audio and keeps to his favored neuro sound with Voicefreak. Opening with an epic synth and the trace-esque escapism which he does so well, Trilo builds it into some serious drum and vocal editing that the Slovakian man manages with ease, the mid-range bass lines rumble the skull and the bottom end destroys the rib cage. 
If you’re a fan of techy sounds with an epic slant then Voicefreak ticks all the boxes.

Finishing off this Vinyl release Dust Audio welcome Break to remix the Life Cycle track, and what a job he has done.
Without straying too far from the original he sprinkles the Break magic powder upon the tune and brings about stunning results.
Heavy rolling drums lay the foundation for the rumble of the gargantuan bottom end that will have you shouting for the skies.
Ultra tight percussion with the mid-range LFO fluctuations adds to the movement and the hi-hats roll it out till the last drop.  Brilliant from one of the most sought after producers of all time.”

 on: December 15, 2014, 02:17:35 
Started by xiaoxiao - Last post by xiaoxiao
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 on: December 13, 2014, 18:37:34 
Started by Zat0ichi - Last post by Zat0ichi
Shotgun Wedding Vol. 1 - the bidouin sessions

Class noise monkery.

 on: December 13, 2014, 13:02:49 
Started by Darrel - Last post by Darrel

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 on: December 13, 2014, 04:37:02 
Started by penoyzhcn - Last post by penoyzhcn
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 on: December 12, 2014, 22:29:43 
Started by 1984 - Last post by top cat
That's great everyone. But can we get back to talking about me please.

just drink at home dude, that's a lot cheaper.

Otherwise only visit bars where they treat you 'ethically'

 on: December 12, 2014, 22:27:46 
Started by Waltero - Last post by top cat

 Smiley 3 working days to xmas!
 Smiley done all the difficult stuff, now just a coast..
 Smiley can have lie in tomo
 Smiley snapped up ebay bargains
 Smiley all that is good enough for me  Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley

 on: December 12, 2014, 20:31:24 
Started by Firebreak - Last post by Firebreak

Flyering Tonight. £10 per hour. Bristol City Centre. Call or text Dan on 07807946020

Flyering for Firebreak Sessions at Timbuk2. You can do 2, 3 or 4 hours whatever suits. very late notice i know Smiley

£10 per hour + Free Entry to the club



 on: December 12, 2014, 18:47:25 
Started by 1984 - Last post by 1984
That's great everyone. But can we get back to talking about me please.

 on: December 12, 2014, 16:46:38 
Started by 1984 - Last post by Zat0ichi
Soda is usually just carbonated tap water.
Taking the piss charging for it but pubs make a fortune from soft drinks. That magic gun that makes coke and lemonade etc at the press of a button is fucking cheap. Boxes of concentrated syrup that make 100s of litres that are mixed in real time mean the profit on a pint of coke is more than beer.

3quid for a pint of coke that could cost less than 10p to make and youre asking me if I want ice with that so I get even less - fuck that I'll drink water.

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