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 on: Yesterday at 02:04:34 
Started by H(/-\)YDEEZ - Last post by H(/-\)YDEEZ
OK, so that sounds like the start to some JML advert, but I'm back to uni on Monday, and it's made me think about my own education.

There were plenty of topics covered in school, and ones which I played the joker, mucked around and didn't take as much as I wish I had now. Although I was lucky enough to pass all of my GCSE's with A-C's (aced my alphabet test........) and stood me in good stead for future learning, I'm just mulling over all things I wish I knew now. vs. the parts of that I actually missed out on being taught at school due to my own insolence.

So does anyone have any regrets of particular subjects or area's they can remember having a lesson on, didn't listen to, and now 10 years later find themselves reading a book on that subject avidly in awe at the knowledge?

along those lines..

Contrary to anything I can google, I once read that the brain engages best around 25-30. By that I mean optimum learning condition and memory retention. Peak brain power as it were.

Having taken a few years out of school and work a few different trades, and now in my second year of Uni in my mid 20's, I feel that I am getting a lot more out of learning as I actually want to learn and aquire knowledge!

As many can contest, had I put my nous to use say, 5 years ago, then I certainly would be leading a "fresher" lifestyle, and probably corrupting many youngster freshers to ketamine and the Black Swan. I'm glad I'm back in education now, so I guess my question is:

Is Scotland right to offer its citizens free university education? And is it fairly funded? Could and Should the "rUK" adopt the same system, offering its citizens the opportunities, pro bono, to study and indulge in intellectual pusuits free of financial liability?

On a Philiosophical note; when the internet becomes instantaneously integrated within our brains, and we can retrieve data the instant we wonder its answer, would that make schools derelict? Would we need a world of schooling and learning when we can get the basic answers to anything the moment we wonder it? Obviously we would have people that are actively scouring for new answers who would like to collaborate and wonder together, from which advancement would attain. But then again, would those who choose not to school (and are an identifit to stereotypical dinlows), yet are able to acquire answers to anything they wonder think along new tangents, and become the geniuses of tomorrow?

 on: Yesterday at 00:22:25 
Started by H(/-\)YDEEZ - Last post by H(/-\)YDEEZ
Oh.... and talk of increased spending on the Scottish population should the people vote in favour of the Union, hmmmmm.... don't know if this sits right with me?

Is it racist to think think that if the UK coffers are filled by the same wallets, then surely it should distribute said spoils equally? I keep seeing this figure of £1,600 extra per head gov. spending on Scottish people over us in England and that's not fair in the first place...

But hey, at least it's not resorted to Ukrainian tactics for independence....

 on: Yesterday at 00:16:28 
Started by H(/-\)YDEEZ - Last post by H(/-\)YDEEZ
So now the votes are being counted, and I couldn't find a thread about it (does this say something? or is that a harsh comment towards Scots?)

Either way, what are peoples views on this?

I think that maybe Scotland may do themselves a disfavour in going independent, and end up economically fucked, whilst we "reclaim" the North Sea Oil Fields, and they are left in turmoil to actually figure out how they are going to sort the country out with their new found independence, we'll have to change the flag, and webmasters everywhere are going to be pissed off at having the replace the tiny little Union Flag avatar and all of their Country drop down boxes to include this new (but really in existence already) Country... Meanwhile, 2 or 3 years later we'll all be basking in the redirected wealth that's not spent on subsidizing the Scottish people (Input vs Spending anyone?)

Then again, we may have a Scotland with non EU borders, and a stringent immigration policy, in which case maybe the right wing would flock there to a new found haven for scrutiny? (Western ISIS political gathering anyone?)

Too many questions, too many uncertaintees, either way the UK is going to be one different place in the morning....

 on: Yesterday at 00:08:11 
Started by Block Party - Last post by H(/-\)YDEEZ
My work colleague got this email today:


Termination #17771349648


We regret to inform you that your employment with Semmco Ltd is being terminated. Your termination is the result of the following violations of company policy:
- AVK 89 26.01.2010
- AVK 76 26.01.2010
- AVK 98 26.01.2010

You were issued written warnings on 25.08.2014. As stated in your final warning, you needed to take steps to correct your behavior by 15.09.2014. Your failure to do so has resulted in your termination. To appeal this termination, you must return written notification of your intention to appeal to Soraya Schroepfer in Semmco Ltd no later than 05:00PM on 17.09.2014.

Rosalyn Elmer
+07427 01 53 08

It doesn't look like a phishing email, it looks fairly genuine, except the fact it is a touch informal to dismiss someone so casually by email. The company exists in the UK too. Very odd.

I'm guessing that your friend actually works for said employer? I mean, cos if he's not then surely he wouldn't be worried!

Other than that, I'm sure employers are required to put in writing these sorts of things?

Keep us posted, if he does work at Semmco, but this is a spam bot, must be quite a complex one, and to target people claiming to be a firing email.... What kind of overtones does that display? A big terrorist plot to make people not turn up for work one day, and get sacked, thus crippling the UK's economy!!!!!?HuhHuhHuhHuh? *tinfoilhat*

 on: Yesterday at 00:03:12 
Started by #FF0000 - Last post by H(/-\)YDEEZ
"Hey Boss, I can't come to work today, because of the terrorist threat"

-- "What terrorist threat?"

"I'm gonna blow the fucking office up"

-- "................"

 on: Yesterday at 00:01:49 
Started by H(/-\)YDEEZ - Last post by H(/-\)YDEEZ
A more informative infographic would be the relative amount of deaths over time compared to all funds raised. This would actually have some meaning, rather than the pointless one above.

maybe this is more up your street?

 on: September 18, 2014, 23:54:45 
Started by Hooner - Last post by H(/-\)YDEEZ
Though I don't have the slightest interest in these pics, I can safely report that Virgin Media is blocking access to the offensive link.

Looks like it's back to good ol'-fashioned Brazilian fart porn tonight. Sad


add this to Chrome, and when turned on will bypass any ISP filter so you can go straight to thepiratebay, straight to Kickass, without using any proxies Smiley

Also lets you change your location, so you can watch US catch up, and Youtube videos blocked in our part of the world Smiley

 on: September 18, 2014, 23:50:32 
Started by #FF0000 - Last post by H(/-\)YDEEZ
buy records and play them on a record player

but what method do you use to organise them?

why would you want to do that?..it's better having mixed up piles and looking through and being surprised by an old friend....
cue jokes about piles.... BRRRAAAAP

Sorry Steve, none of us are old enough to make credible jokes about piles yet Wink  Bad Teeth

 on: September 18, 2014, 19:32:28 
Started by upfront - Last post by upfront
check out the new track here -


 on: September 18, 2014, 17:02:41 
Started by Sell_By_Dave - Last post by top cat
nice booking matt. his rinse cd still gets a lot of play round mine

me too! wish I could be there

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