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10401  General / The Forum / Re: introducing myself on: February 05, 2004, 17:22:11
I'm in the 3rd year of my sociology degree- suffice it to say that anyone who's keen on a lot of nigthlife couldn't really do much better, the course is not exactly taxing!  Wink
10402  General / The Forum / Re: junglesoc. thing on: February 05, 2004, 13:19:36
Just to say cheers to all ocncerned for this, it was a good laugh.  Smiley

I play a brief set consisting of Moving Fusion, Rascal & Klone, Stratus etc., then was made to feel a complete pussy by my successors Dan & Alex, who played a range of terrifying hardcore shenanigans. More please!
10403  Food for your Ears / Hijackers' Tunes and Mixes / Re: My present to you all... on: February 04, 2004, 15:00:38
You're right, I've been a ninny. It's just before 'The Beginning' by Moving Fusion, I'll edit the tracklisting. Thanks for the feedback though, and big thanks to Ironside for doing what I couldn't and working a computer properly. Muchos gracias  Grin
10404  General / The Forum / Re: Punctuation? on: February 02, 2004, 23:10:04
It means GET OUT OF THE NORTH, for the love of God! Or death by whippet will invevitably ensue.
10405  General / The Forum / Re: Doing things differently... on: February 01, 2004, 15:54:17
I thought I'd dig this thread up in order to give you lot an update on my plans...

Everyone has come together brilliantly in helping me sort things out- thank you all very much for your support and offers of help.

Unfortunately, yours truly suffers from chronic fatigue, induced (we think) by some mysterious, highly tenacious stomach lurgy. As a result, I spend the whole time felling a bit knackered and out of it. I'm just about to embark on a new course of drugs, but these in themselves are likely to have my clutching my stomach and puking for the next month. Which means I won't be coming out to play much... and makes it decidedly risky to book my night for early March, which was my original plan.

However, if the pills do their job, I hope to put something on after easter- possibly mid-april time. Everything is lined up and ready to go, it just needs my body to get its act together!

10406  Food for your Ears / Hijackers' Tunes and Mixes / Re: My present to you all... on: January 31, 2004, 14:14:44
Oh no, it doesn't work does it? That's made me look quite the fool... bear with me and I'll try & get it sorted.
10407  General / The Forum / The stupid bollocks thread on: January 31, 2004, 01:20:58
Right, I reckon there's easily a big enough market on this board to warrant a thread dedicated to ridiculous animations, games etc. I'm writing my dissertation at the moment so they're obviously fairly close to my heart- I'm sure those of you with computer jobs will know the feeling.

Here's a few to get the ball rolling:




I won't say what they are, it's more of a surprise that way (unless you already know them, then it'll be a total anti-climax). However, make sure you've got the sound up for this one:

Right- enough from me- what you got? I realise the ones I've given are all pretty well-known, so surprise me with your obscure speccy-nerd knowledge... Smiley
10408  General / The Forum / Re: Mel, off Des & Mel on: January 30, 2004, 23:58:06
You know when you misread something, then carry on thinking it's written a certain way? Well I've cast my eyes over this thread's title several times, and have only just realised it says 'Mel, off Des & Mel'.

I thought it said 'Mel off, Des & Mel'.

So Luke, permission requested to introduce 'Mel off' as common parlance? I think it's a great insult.  Grin
10409  Food for your Ears / Hijackers' Tunes and Mixes / My present to you all... on: January 30, 2004, 21:04:00
Here's the link to a mix Squatjuice have been so good as to host for me:

Right-click to save it: if it doesn't work, please tell me!

Tracklisting is as follows:

1. DJ Shadow- 6 Days (BC vs Fresh remix)
2. Klute- Part of Me
3. Blame- Music Takes You (John B remix)
4. Ram Trilogy- Evolution
5. Dylan & Loxy- Fraggle Rock
6. Bad Company- 4 Days
7. Moving Fusion- The Beginning
8. Stratus- Jungle Terror
9. Ram Trilogy- Milky Way
10. Moving Fusion- Living Daylights
11. Loxy, Ink & J.Dub- Killa Sin
12. The Militia- Paranoia
13. Stakka & Skynet feat Kemal & Rob Data- Biosfear
(SKC & Kemal remix)
14. Rascal & Klone- Roll the Dice
15. Raiden- Fear of Fours
16. Rawthang- Scorned

Hope y'all like it, hopefully I'll get some other mixes up before long (if anyone has any server space they can donate please make yourself known, as it seems a bit cheeky putting loads on Squatjuice).
10410  General / The Exchange / Re: music maker on: January 29, 2004, 21:08:35
Alternatively there's the Music Maker EP by Fresh BC, which came out last Easter on Ram...
10411  General / The Forum / Re: Human Juice Extraction on: January 29, 2004, 13:32:35

I've only given blood once, about 4 years ago at 6th form. I was fine until I'd reached the biscuits-and-squash stage (the blood donor equivalent of the post-coital fag I suppose!), at which point I fainted. Quite humiliating actually, and annoying as I hadn't even been feeling very squeamish about it all.

Does anyone know what the minum weight for giving blood is? I think it's 8 stone for girls, and as I'm 8 stone 12 pounds (and male, grrr football) then I might not be allowed any more...
10412  General / The Forum / Re: SALE!! My virginity only £5,000 on: January 26, 2004, 23:49:49
Well seeing as the thread's gone to shit now anyway, let's all retire to


10413  General / The Forum / Re: Phone number for Level on: January 26, 2004, 14:38:49
Yeah cheers Adam- PM stuck the thread up on my behalf, as the quest for a suitable meeting place for the Anti-wobblewobble Jeudian People's Front continues...
10414  General / The Forum / Re: SALE!! My virginity only £5,000 on: January 26, 2004, 14:34:44
'So far more than 400 men, many of them sickos, have placed bids offering 18-year-old Rosie Reid up to £10,000 for sex.'

Following on from the 'is happiness relative?' thread, surely this begs the question- is 'sickness' relative too?

Secondly, I'm doing a Bsc in sociology, which can't be that far removed from social policy (so I'll pass on my regards if I evr meet her, Obscene), and in my first year I had 8 hours week contact time. That went down to 6 hours a week in the 2nd year, and 4 hours now I'm in my final year. So if EVER there was a course that enabled one to get a job and work sufficient hours to avoid the 'eBay virginity scenario' that so many of us seem to end up in, surely a social science would be it? Personally, I'm rueing sleeping with my girlfriend before I started uni- a potential goldmine missed, it would seem... although as we've broken up since, could i get some sort of refund?

10415  General / The Forum / Re: Doing things differently... on: January 19, 2004, 15:39:39
Good news folks- the powers-that-be have come through, and a drinks promo at the Thekla is possible- which means cheap Red Stripe for all you lucky people!
10416  General / The Forum / Re: All about you thread! on: January 17, 2004, 19:57:31
I thought I'd better add my tuppence worth here, seeing as I've been picking your brains regarding my masterplan...

My name's Ed, I'm in my final year of a sociology degree, but am going to avoid real life via postgrad education of some sort for at least another year.

The aformentioned masterplan is the new night I've envisaged (read my thread 'doing things differently...'), borne of a bitter contempt for the circus music that seems to pass as d'n'b at the big nights these days. I want to run a non-profit event that pools local talent, showcases a variety of musical styles, gets a big-name DJ in to play a set that's a break from the norm, and shows the Burberry massive how it should be done! Now, everyone join hands...  Wink

Music-wise I'm into anything with a breakbeat, and also plenty of house/electro/punk/metal/Bavarian noseflutecore.

That is all.
10417  General / The Forum / Re: Mixing on: January 16, 2004, 19:52:10
EQ-wise, I tune to gradually crank the incoming tune up and the other one down via the EQ's, but doing so smoothly rather than with abrupt cuts (I've been mixing house a lot recently, which might explain this). DON'T crank the EQ of the incoming tune up to the max just to make it sound 'bigger'! It's like mixing everything at +5, just silly. I rarely take the EQs past their halfway position, although my mixer's a DJM600 which has pretty 'strong' EQs on it, it might be different for a different mixer.

I personally think EQs should be used sparingly- a record is produced to sound a certain way, why go mad trying to change it? Just my tuppence worth...

As for crap decks, 7-below has enough experience with them by now I think! Boradcasting from the Burst studio via one 1210 and one Fisher Price imitation is enough to do anyone's head in... Angry
10418  General / The Forum / Re: Doing things differently... on: January 16, 2004, 03:09:15
(Excuse me going off-topic, but it is my thread...)
Jimmy, where are LE playing? I'm from Cambridge and have to head back next weekend to get savaged by the dentist, so I  might check you/them out if it's feasible. PM me if poss, that way the thread can get back to the business of telling me what a clever boy I am. Wink
10419  General / The Forum / Re: Doing things differently... on: January 15, 2004, 19:49:58
Bloody hell, with all these good vibes It'd be rude not to really, wouldn't it?  Grin

I e-mailed John B about the idea (making my anti-wobblewobble stance very clear of course...) and got this in reply earlier:
'Sounds great Ė Iím up for that. I can play regular electro then dnb if u like thatís no prob, just let me know the week of the event when/if it happens.  Let me know how things progress...'

Which is nice.

Also, whilst I won't go into specifics price-wise, a 2 hour Tech Itch set may well be within my means... (not as well as John B mind, I'm not made of money!)

So whilst we're on the thorny topic of money, what would people be prepared to pay for all this musical goodness? I'm v.keen to keep it as cheap as possible (this certainly isn't something I envisage myself making any money from), but what's reasonable in your books? And which venue(s) would people prefer? I can't promise Creation (nor would I want to..) but we may as well aim high, right?

One more question- MCs? Anger Management (Tech Itch's agents) also have Verse and Jakes on their books who I think are v.good (especially bearing in mind Jakes' recent work with Tech Itch). However, I don't know if the budget will stretch. Would it be better to get someone 'local' (yet still of a high standard, MC Badboy need not apply!), or cut them out of the equation altogether and leave it to the DJs?
10420  General / The Forum / Re: Doing things differently... on: January 15, 2004, 01:58:44
'Smithers, we're going to need most of your skin...'
(I assume that's where your Furious George refernce comes from anyway!)

Cheers Rory, I'll keep you in the loop.
10421  General / The Forum / Re: I'm bored on: January 14, 2004, 21:35:17
There's a BMX game that you can waste a few mins on- I can't remember the address but have a dig around the usual bike forums, it'll be there somewhere. Nothing like a superman-seatgrab backflip to 50-50 down a handrail to add a healthy dose of realism to your day...
10422  General / The Forum / Doing things differently... on: January 13, 2004, 16:41:14
I stuck this on the d'n'b arena forum earlier, but then it dawned in me it should really go up here too:

A bit of feedback please folks:
I'm really keen to start a night in bristol that's a break from the norm. At the moment there seem to be a lot of big nights on the go (Driveby, Infidelity etc.) that focus on the anthems/wobblewobble that seems to dominate d'n'b at the moment. This stuff really turns me off, and I'm sure I can't be the only one.

On the other hand there are some wicked nights (Take a bow Locus, Metric, Intrigue etc) that cater for more varied and deeper music. Yet I still think there might be room in the market for an occasional alternative.

My masterplan is to start a night which offers quite a break from the norm. I think it would be nice to have people like
John B/Matrix/Klute, playing the stuff tehy really want to play rather than having to water it down to suit all tastes. Alternatively, people like Friction, Moving Fusion, Tech itch et al, playing more underground sets wihtout having to include the ubiquitous Fresh/Pendulum/etc tunes in their sets. I DJ myself and it really annoys me to see a Dj playing lazy sets with easy mixes (another thing that often seems to blight the bigger nights). So I'd only book DJs who I know can really mix well, and have as little MCing as possible (or perhaps none?).

Finally, i don't see why it should be limited to d'n'b- I love loads of styles of music, and I don't see why we can't have a night that features hiphop into breaks into jungle, for instance.

What do y'all reckon? I can't see it being more than a monthly thing, as I've got a degree to finish and I don't want to go stepping on any other promoter's toes- the idea is to compliment, not compete. if anyone has any good venue suggestions then please fire away, as the level/fez/bar latino/thekla are already pretty heavily used.

Any and all feedback much appreciated. Cheers, Ed (DJ Spit)

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