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1  General / The Forum / paging rit and jem.... on: March 19, 2006, 22:07:24

rit - answer your bloody emails...

jem - lost your address email me on: aaronpfitzgerald@yahoo.co.uk
2  General / The Forum / Re: Lady Sovereign - "Random" [Casual] on: March 16, 2005, 19:02:01
the solid groove rmx is dangerous, well the isntrumental is anyway...
3  General / The Forum / Re: Best tune I've heard in ages on: February 03, 2005, 12:24:33
only one man can make beats that fucked up, the mighty IG, he's defo back in a vein of form.

the kahil el zabar remix is hurting me right now as well.
4  General / The Forum / Re: Joanna Newsome on: January 25, 2005, 01:29:00
my fave album in a long time, to echo punksi, book of the right on is defo the stand out track...
5  General / The Forum / Re: Tempa Allstars Volume 2 on: January 17, 2005, 15:09:21
conga is the nuts!
6  General / The Forum / Re: So tell me some Hijack history? on: December 08, 2004, 01:32:29
ah, it all seems like yesterday. my fave moments include hijack live @ ether (the ones that were busy/half full at least), the first curry meet, allthough rit is probably the tighetest person in the world when it comes to naan bread, and the birth of metric when we were met mainly with 'do we need another D&B night?' / 'you've got a conflict of interests now..' etc... i think the doom mongers/moaners are pretty glad it went ahead now eh Wink

that first site was the biggest pain in *** to make, but was worth it for a while when it was being updated alot. ive still got most of the features somewhere ill try and dig them up.

7  General / The Forum / Re: So tell me some Hijack history? on: December 08, 2004, 01:28:42
a really really truly amazing piece of journalism in the form of an interview with london elektricity on the main bit

just remember who gave you your big break kiddo Wink

8  General / The Forum / Re: New mix in the style of Seen - Future Boogie, Nu Jazz & Broken Beat on: December 07, 2004, 14:41:47
top draw selection.

tejada fans - check out his new lp with tekashi nishimoto - i'm not a gun: 'our lives on wednesday' (city centre offices rec's), bleepy acoustic brilliance.

9  General / The Forum / Re: what albums are you feeling at the mo? on: November 30, 2004, 02:28:09
billy paul - first class
viktor vaughn - venomous villain
v/a - studio 1 disco mix
raphael saddiq - instant vintage
jackie mittoo - ....at king tubbys

10  General / The Forum / Re: Attn: Catalyst on: November 29, 2004, 13:51:48
it'll be monthly, starting december. you'll be able to hear it live on www.unityradio.co.uk also. date of the first show is: sunday 12th december, time tbc, but will be late afternoon.

11  General / The Forum / Re: seen - who's going there then? on: November 19, 2004, 02:30:45
I know it's sacrilege, but I'm just not that into Carl Craig. Sorry.

 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
12  General / The Forum / Re: Metalheadz Back Catalogue Repressed Releases on: October 22, 2004, 13:07:53
There is a group of nine represses coming out just after Xmas, and then a clutch later in the new year

00DARK |a1. |Asylum (L. Double) |Da Bass ii Dark
aa1. |Asylum (L. Double) |Steppin' Hard
aa2. |Asylum (L. Double) |Desire

Asylum (L. Double & ST Files)

13  General / The Forum / Re: Flyposting - The Other Side on: October 13, 2004, 11:33:28
I went to the meeting between the promoters and the company the council have got to provide the space for legal postering City Centre Posters. Basically we would have to pay to get posters stuck on their 'barrels' they will install around the city, I have the exact prices at home but I think its £10 a week for a 60/40 poster for a week on the top half of one of these barrels, then you can give them A1, A2 and A3 posters which they cant guarantee where and when they will go up, these are put up on the lower half of the barrels, I think it was £25 for 40 posters.
The barrels are also shared with national advertisers like big record companies so obviously this will decrease the space local prompters have to advertise. The council are saying if you don't use them you will get fine instantly and if you repeat offend they will go for the licence of the club.

they have the barrels in manchester and they're actually pretty good. we dont use them as it's only really worthwhile for A1-A0's but they certainyl work and people take notice of them. in a 5-7 mile distance from my house to town there are maybe 10 and they're all well positioned. for any other fly postering the law states that you can post on metal, concrete or glass. meaning wood is ok. basically the council have said if there is hoarding on abuilding you can post on it because the hoarding will eventually be taken down and the posters with them.... which is a good compromise. there'll always be problems though, now the norm is plastering trees with posters, which i am guilty of as well but looks a bit tacky, especially when you have 20 odd a3's swamping a tree by a student halls.

we're lucky though in that we have more shops etc.. that are willing to put posters up on walls/in windows and of course about a million more freindly curry/kebab houses that will donate one wall just for posters. there's also places like afflecks palace which dontats most of its walls, some one story high jsut for promtoers to use (in an organised fashion of course), and we have several more record shops at our disposal. i'd say the difference between here and bristol is the council work very pro-actively to encourage anything independant/music related as they know their history and are proud of it. i always found in bristol the council, or whoever it is that make the decisions dont really appreciate the benefits of the club/music scene and hence the means by which it survives - promotion.

the other difference is size relative to qaunitty of nights. you have to admit that the first thing anyone new or local notices when arriving in the city are the posters. the city center is fairly small so gets swamped, and i'd say bristol probably has per-head more promotions at anyone time than any other city in the uk. i think you have to come at them on a level, there's no point getting angry or pertinent, dont give them any more excuses to be ignorant or dismissive towards your plight.
14  General / The Forum / Re: Soul R T-Shirts on: September 09, 2004, 12:32:06
er if they're out on monday that's news to me! will be a few weeks yet. and i wasnt aware of that price, i'll look into it, thats certainly not the RRP we wanted them at.

15  General / The Forum / Re: METRIC - Thu 26 Aug - ED RUSH, KULAK, OBSCENE, MC JAKES on: August 26, 2004, 15:02:22
Kulak has GLR records† †Eek Eek Eek

Yeah, that's what he used to play when he started DJing.  Expect a really interesting set from him Smiley

i tried to get him to do a set like that for 2 years!  Cry
16  General / The Forum / Re: Big Chill on: August 03, 2004, 19:58:53
and not forgetting the originator that is Aaron of Catalyst Records fame Bad Teeth

jealousy is a terribble thing

17  General / The Forum / Re: DJs you haven't seen... yet... on: June 09, 2004, 15:18:31
Wow, I suddenly feel so lucky for having seen so many of the folk you lot would like to see! Now I know where all my $$ goes Bad Teeth

Jeff Mills (meant to be ridiculous)
worth it for the spectacle but you have to be a real techno purist to enjoy the music he plays IMO.

Carl Craig (gonna be at Seen soon)

seriously?!?!? he shunned manchester for bigger money gigs  Cry BUT apparently he was very dull @ stealth in nott's recently. still have to see him once at least...


both excellent, louie is my personal fave.

anyone who hasn't seen benji b play before should at the earliest oppurtunity prob best dj in this country at the moment, and one of best in the world. genre is not a word in his vocabulary.

i'm also gagging to see moodyman (live show coming soon apparently) and theo parrish again (also live show in the offing).

18  General / The Forum / Re: Who is Amit? on: May 19, 2004, 13:41:15

Test Press Crew say yoooooooooooo

stop showing off and sort out those morrissey tickets!!!
19  General / The Forum / Re: Influx UK - "Ghost People/Ghetto Messiah& on: April 29, 2004, 16:20:55
ghost people's one of my fave tracks of the year (and last year actually).

the LP is well in motion, good 5-6 tracks on the go that i know of. as usual they're having sample clearance issues. re-singing samples is not a pleasant (or swift) game to play.

last i heard the plan's a sampler 12" followed by either 3 x or 4 x 12 pack. sept/oct i reckon for release.

look out for 'shine' one of the best things he's done.

there's 3-4 new influx datum tracks as well.

20  General / The Forum / Re: Repercussion All-Nighter... Who's Going? on: April 21, 2004, 14:29:43
venue is lovely, especially the middle floor, although that might have had something to do with the qaulity beats @ planet v. either way this is gonna be a ripper, see you there!
21  General / The Forum / famous hijacker's.. on: March 26, 2004, 18:44:25

i havent laughed that hard in a while...  Laugh

22  General / The Forum / Re: Upcoming soul:r releases on: March 25, 2004, 16:12:00
nothing scheduled as yet, tracks to look out for over coming months include:

MIST & High Contrast - 'Do It'
Calibre & ST Files - 'Red Light'
Calibre & ST Files - 'Little Man'
SKC & Bratwa - 'Prophecy'
Marcus Intalex & Klute - 'Make a Stand'
Marcus Intalex & D.Kay - 'Transition'

Two Thumbs
23  General / The Forum / Re: Metric Photo Caption Competition on: March 16, 2004, 16:01:44

"Just one more minute, then you can have a go...she's clearly enjoying it"
24  General / The Forum / Re: METRIC - Thurs 26 Feb - High Contrast on: February 26, 2004, 15:45:06
lookin forward to it, got some world exclusives to drop...  Two Thumbs
25  General / The Forum / Re: Browken Beat Recommendations S'il Vous Plait on: February 25, 2004, 16:18:59
the following has some excellent streamed mixes:

domu is one of the most skilled bruk djs IMO.

michael rutten's show, bi-weekly - more across the board but usually class.

off track radio with my main man dirk rumpff. one of the best kept bruk dj secrets in europe, seriously talented selector. fortnightly shows...

im sure there's more but i cant think right now...

26  General / The Forum / Re: Browken Beat Recommendations S'il Vous Plait on: February 24, 2004, 21:24:21

Promos innit, mate, just that Jungle stuff yous lot losten to.

Seriously, Picadilly Records can be helpful, as they get most stuff in on promo, incl the very limited press stuff. Most broken/futureboogie/this music we're talking about 'ere is distributed by Goya, so keeping an eye on their site in the new release section can be very informative.....

simultaneous posting vibes.  Cool
27  General / The Forum / Re: Browken Beat Recommendations S'il Vous Plait on: February 24, 2004, 21:22:52
aargh, how the fruck do you hear about all this shit?

@ Aaron: Was that the night that had Dego down the day after Marky? Who else is playing there soon? Band On The Wall was a wicked wicked venue though, even if it were on the wrong side of the tracks  Wink

yes they had dego night after, was good, although he turned up late so only played 90 mins. they've got jazzanova 3 hrs on march 13th then something big planned for april andmay. always come correct. had recloose in the summer, pepe braddock last autumn etc...

broken wise check - www.goyamusic.com and the BITA forum linked from it. also check the forum on www.4hero.com and www.elecktricks.co.uk forum for northern bruk goings on...

check out Benji B's show on 1X every thursday night - THE best show on the radio by a mile...  the archives on www.nuwaveradio.co.uk are very good also, especially marc mac's and somatik's. www.picadillyrecords.co.uk prob has best bruk selection on line, closely followed by www.vinyl-junkies.co.uk

it also helps having a mate who's a broken dj/producer who makes you regualr mixtapes like my pal jonny miller.  Smiley
28  General / The Forum / Re: Browken Beat Recommendations S'il Vous Plait on: February 24, 2004, 21:04:23
if i didnt live in MCR i'd mission to Eyes Down @ Band on the Wall, one of the most forward thinking music policies in the land. think Seen after a few reefers in Detroit.

and... as we're talking about plastic people we're doing a soul:ution there on march 18th. intalex & calibre + drs, 2 hour sets, and then 4 times a year after that. seriously the best venue in London - Forward and Co-Op are exceptional, but I'd have to say the Saturday night 'Balance' is the pick purely for diversity.

broken-wise: apart from all of thinking's list i have recently been digging:

dego + capitol a - 'da bring back' [fivesixmedia]
jazztronik - 'samurai' [especial]  
NSM - trying times [virgin]
jonny miller - 'essi' [wahwah45s]
clyde + capitol a - 'serve it up' [mantis] - bit older but still killin' me.
john arnold - neighbourhood science LP' [ubiquity]
dj rels - 'diggin in brownswood' [stone's throw]
DKD - 'future rage LP' [bita/2000black] - believe the hype, it's THAT good.
colonel red - 'gimme that feelin' [people]
chaka domu vs buju volcov - 'souljah' [best seven] - jungle-brokent beat!!!

lookin forward to:
the new bugz mix for marchus enochson..
new afronaught/puerto rico bits..
new dj rels madness...
some new MIST/Calibre broken shiz...  Wink
new Daluq/Madslinky bits or even LPs...

29  General / The Forum / Re: What do you think of Metalheadz Platinum? on: February 11, 2004, 18:19:40
the main reason behind most off shoots in 2003/04 is down to scheduling. there is a certain minimum gap between 12" releases that distributors have to respect if they want to maximise sales of a certain release. this is mainly due to D&B's reliance on the promo-gap-full release structure that effectively does all the promotion an average releases needs. it can be equated to the 3 week prior to release run of day time radio play/tv appearances/video run on MTV, Kylie or justin might have.

dividing things up like headz have allows the distributors to comunicate with the retailers more easily and hence there is less chance of a release being over/under pressed when they are working out a pre-sale based on promo sales (or in some cases how many people asked about the white, not just bought the white). in this case it may seem much of a muchness because  headz/headz platinum whats the difference the buyers at the shops may say? but it simply allows the distro company to organise sepperate pre-sales and make sure every release gets the attention it deserves. if you are 'forced' into a situation like this due to a massive release schedule as headz have in '04 then you need an angle to abck it up - hence 'the label for established producers'. in this case i think it will turn out well anyway and maybe was a blessing in disguise because they have signed alot of new people who may have got overlooked with the return of photek/ruffige crew on headz and BC debuting.

in other cases, imprints are purely motivated as jimma said by trying to divide and hence consolidate the total impact of different styles/policies/ethos with an imprint. MASH for hospital, revolve:r for us, breakin for bassbin, liquid v for v and so on...

sometimes it can get out of hand, and when labels use their second label for substandard music they dont want to risk their primary label's good name on then no-one benefits. but on the whole it does add to the scene. IMO.

30  General / The Forum / Re: Calibre Questions... on: February 05, 2004, 19:19:44

Yeah, that is shit, I agree...

yes, to be honest, the poor qaulity sullying calibre's name is the main reason its caused offence.
31  General / The Forum / Re: Calibre Questions... on: February 05, 2004, 19:18:01

The same way they sell all other bootlegs!? Bad Teeth

I understand why Catalyst (and presumably Calibre) are pissed off by this bootleg, but what's the difference between this and eg. the Papua New Guinea booties? OK, PNG-HC was brilliant, this is probably wack, but that's kinda subjective isn't it?

very good and valid point. its grey area to say the least but as dance music by its very essence is a sample based form of music there is a certain unwritten code of conduct amongst producers and artists. or an 'honour amongst thieves' if you will.

the signs situation is different for many reasons, most of which i cant divulge for legal reasons, but the main point is the orig mix was released in late october 2003; 3 months ago. by an indie label. this bootleg has a poorly re-recorded version of the exact calibre mix on one side and the atrocious extra vocals over said mix on the other side.
they have 'stepped over the (invisible) line' as it were.
32  General / The Forum / Re: Calibre Questions... on: February 05, 2004, 17:53:24

Love Love Love

Thats a bit crap, how come Chemical can sell it then?

its not chemical at fault really its the bootleggers and distributor involved, they're getting their come uppance very soon, have no fear.

33  General / The Forum / Re: Calibre Questions... on: February 05, 2004, 16:49:03
busy year coming up....







plus look out for remixes for GLR, A Sides, Zinc, Critical and Compost.

the new signs bootleg is nothing to do with calibre, its illegal, the sound qaulity's v poor, the extra vocals ruin a perfectly good mix and the people doing it are being taken to court. dont buy it!  Two Thumbs
34  General / The Forum / Re: Deep Hoose on: December 15, 2003, 20:35:01
anything from the detroit new school will not dissapoint.

moodyman/kenny dixon jnr. (peacefrog/mahogani music/KDJ)
norma jean bell (peacefrog/mahogani)
theo parrish (sound signature/various bootlegs)
anything remixed by carl craig + on his label planet e.
recloose (planet e/k7).
some bits from amp fiddler.

+ the mighty herbert and pretender to the thrown brooks.

various things on french label versatile, people like gilb'r and i:cube.

35  General / The Forum / Re:  "It's On the Way" by D Kay on: November 28, 2003, 19:23:20
a: D.Kay - 'It's on the Way'
b: D.Kay & Epsilon - 'Space Quest'

Promos: Decemeber 19th 2003.
Full Release: January 26th 2004.

merry christmas.
36  General / The Forum / Re: Albums of 2003? on: November 21, 2003, 17:47:14
Radiohead - "Hail to te thief" is my album of the year.

agreed. madlib is remixing 'there, there'  Pimp

gotta mention Madvillian LP, although it aint quite out yet.
37  General / The Forum / Re: Knowledge Awards on: November 21, 2003, 17:44:27
oh, and they should bring back the old structure of best club (large venue - over 500) and best club (small venue - under 500) that would give the likes of technicality, hospitality etc... a chance to shine.
38  General / The Forum / Re: Knowledge Awards on: November 21, 2003, 17:42:33
i dunno if any of that makes sense lol. at least these awards are getting people talking...  Smiley
39  General / The Forum / Re: Knowledge Awards on: November 21, 2003, 17:41:42
interesting topic, wanted to comment on dogs but thought twice. best not to get involved. jim b's comment :

"I think it should be 'musician' of the year. There's too much emphasis on production, not enough on the fucking music". hits the nail on the head.

also, one thing you have to take into account with awards such as these, is because they aren't that high profile the voting process is a perculiar one. certain nominees curried votes once nominated or to become nominated, there were certainly some people hitting the campaign trail HARD over the last few months. Plus almost the entire voting process was done on line and the promotion of the entire event was very UK centric, unsurprising for UK mag of course. In what is now a global scene though alot of people couldnt possibly be reprasented. A few examples: in Belgium/Holland by far the biggest DJ/producers (and hence respective labels) are: Dylan, Loxy & Ink, Photek, Digital & Spirit. But in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and generally Eastern Europe (bar the very rave-y south of Germany) the biggest names are those favouring deeper or more technical styles: High Contrast, Marcus, Calibre, Storm, Bailey, Blame etc... Bottom line: winning/being nominated means more to some than others, fair enough really; and the Knowledge awards are just a snapshot of what is really goin on in D&B.

For Bailey to win best radio show is a big deal, ie. more people will listen to his show. If SP had won breakthrough MC he would've got more gigs off the back of it. Eksman did however but plays out shitloads anyway so i doubt it'll make a difference. Friction will prob also get more gigs now as a result of his win.. the outcome of other categories is more or less meaningless... Hardware will not sell more records now, Fresh will not get more remix offers or DJ gigs, Andy C will not headline more events.... but big up to them anyway, it's always nice to win stuff. I am chuffed D.Kay won, as he really deserved it IMO and generally is the type of bloke who deserves recognition but doesnt go hunting for it.

and as for the never ending dance floor debate, as Jim B said a certain tune can smash a floor in a given enviroment. if signal had been dropped in the middle of an insiders set @ intrigue rather than jaheim remix, i imgaine it would clear the floor. depends what vibe you're on innit.... Herbey Hancock summed it up perfect many years ago: 'Dance music is merely music people dance to', and you can dance to pretty much anything cant you. D&B is the only genre i know where the dancfloor 'scale' is measured (75%) of the time on how nasty, in your face, tearing something is or how big the drop is etc... go to a house night, a techno night, a breaks night, any other rythmic/repetitive beat structure genre - it's all about the GROOVE. D&B could learn from that.
40  General / The Forum / Re: Who wants to see London 'Lecky Live next Tuesd on: November 13, 2003, 21:28:49
sounds good. eyes down in manchester is top for beats of that sort. saw pepe braddock last saturday, and they've had RSL, Recloose, Phuturistix all this year, plus Dego and mr. orin walters forthcoming next year and charlie dark @ xmas. f-f-fresh.
41  General / The Forum / Re: Who wants to see London 'Lecky Live next Tuesd on: November 13, 2003, 19:15:37
ooh reel people, nize. who else do these phonetics lot have booked? may be worth a mishan over the dales...
42  General / The Forum / Re: Life changing decisions on: November 13, 2003, 18:02:46
go, you'll regret it if you don't. you're life will be a far richer place for the experiences. the only things worth sticking around somewhere for are people, and true friendships won't fade no matter where you are and provided you put a bit of effort into staying in touch. plus think of all the new and interesting people you'll meet wherever you end up.

43  General / The Forum / Re: density - who wants some? on: November 04, 2003, 16:41:40
Thats what I thought as well... Really liking all his tunes Bailey keeps playing. If it is Photek they should fuckin make it blatant so we could all have a bit more faith in him...

Aaron, when's that Spirit tune coming out on Soul:r/Revolve:r?

promo'ed a few weeks back mate, full release should be next week or week after.
44  General / The Forum / Re: density - who wants some? on: November 03, 2003, 15:10:46
punctered light is being run by Rico, one of the top dogs @ SRD distribution. Density is apparently a well known producer but they're keeping the identity v close  to their chest. my bet's on photek though...

45  General / The Forum / Re: D-Bridge sets up new label: Exit on: October 31, 2003, 18:47:24
bellini & true romance are gonna be the Headz 12" as either BC UK or Maldini & D-Bridge, not sure. scheduled for mid next year i believe, alot of people were after those tracks!

d-bridge is compeltely on that tip right now as well, i gotta feeling alot of people are gonna come with the GOODS next year... the drought is over y'all.

46  General / The Forum / Re: Top Five + Five on: October 31, 2003, 18:42:40

nos - 'chameleon vip'
calibre - 'same ol'
mist vs high contrast - 'feel the rush'
d.kay & epsilon - 'space quest'
bc uk - 'true romance'


viktor vaughnn - 'vaudeville villain'
henrik swarz - 'chicago'
h-foundation - 'tonight (king britt's sexy mix)'
nas - 'god's godson (9th wonder re-edits)'
DKD - 'future rage' - i need this record like rit needs a holiday...  Bad Teeth
47  General / The Forum / Re: D-Bridge sets up new label: Exit on: October 30, 2003, 23:08:21
his stuff on the spacek album was the best production of the lot. and 'true romance' forthcoming on headz, which is him and maldini is a modern classic. expecting big things from d bridge next year.

oh, and isticks stuff from what i've heard is some next level biz.

Two Thumbs [smiley=approve]
48  General / The Forum / Re: Don't hate on me.... on: October 30, 2003, 22:08:31

Other Pop News: My favourite pop at the moment is Amy Winehouse - she is one funny girl and she's got a wicked voice.

she rocks.... but she needs better production on the album.

49  General / The Forum / Re: rumour has it... on: October 23, 2003, 17:04:34
c'mon then whos reachin? you can fit at least 5 people into an audi A3..

50  General / The Forum / Re: Weapons of Choice.. on: October 22, 2003, 19:07:52
mist - how u make me feel (31)
calibre - fire and water (soulr)
unknown - soul 80 (white)
dillinja - where angels fell (headz)
j majik - your sound (or possibly the lemon d tune he ripped off to make it instead) (headz)
bukem - atlantis (glr)
pfm - one and only (glr)
source direct - secret liason (glr)
krust - memories (full cycle)
4 hero/manix - mr kirks nightmare (reinforced)
reprazent - heroes (talkin loud)
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