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1  General / The Forum / Re: New Members: All about you - post here! on: May 01, 2011, 17:07:31
Hello, I'm Ruth and I'm a Chef and I have PHat in RAVE from the University of Gurn Doh!. Love Jungle, Old hardcore sound,JTek, Crazy nasty ameny breaks, Fat Subrumblin' Basslines, Dub.. soul and most roots stuff really, really love Eryka Badu and Jill Scott - both have a class style. Over the years have a got a little bit more into Techno, but guess thats the Manchester and  Northern influence, having lived up round them parts for a bit, and being deprived of any Bristolian Jungle. Smashed From Bristol, grew up here and went to school here and now I'm back and looking for big PHHat raves wherever I can find em!! Mucho's loves to you's... Tomato Bad Teeth
2  General / The Forum / Re: Champion Sound Biggups! SHOW SOME LOVE!! on: April 26, 2011, 18:13:06
All of the nights I've ever been too by Danny in the past have been great! All the artists who i know who have been booked to play at any of them have had nothing but praise for the way they have been treated as well as the vibe inside the dances...

Shit slinging by artists in public forums is embarrassing and definitely NOT conducive to gaining future bookings... Give it a rest Two Thumbs

So to put it bluntly: ''if you behave as a gimp, thou shalt be treated as a gimp''
3  General / The Forum / Re: Champion Sound Biggups! SHOW SOME LOVE!! on: April 25, 2011, 17:27:53
Always thought it looked pretty massive to be honest, some great lineups, really digging into key players from the past who don't usually get enough big ups these days...

4  General / The Forum / Champion Sound Biggups! SHOW SOME LOVE!! on: April 23, 2011, 23:45:05
Just wanted to say after reading all that hate fueled poop, that Champion Sound is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt the finest Jungle/D&B night happening in Bristol just now - and sincerely hope that it continues this way.

Danny deserves a pat on the back, and a stroke on his curly bonce for a lot of what he's done - and would also like to point out that no-ones perfect. Champion sound is nearly  always spot - on. There's always a good vibe, he books wicked Dj's, and it is value for money. You can't prevent other people from f***ing you about- It's all in the game.

In fairness, refunds should be issued if the people on the Bill aren't showing, but sometimes it just isn't that easy... anyway, just wanted to say: FEEL THE LOVE!!

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