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Welcome to the part of Hijack where you can link your tunes and your mixes. If you have a track or a mix that you'd like to share, please create a new topic with the full URL included in the body.

At the current time, we do not have space to host any material on our server, so you should find somewhere to upload if you can.

If you're really stuck, PM Lata who may be able to help you out with some storage space!

Show us what yer made of!

After signing up with http://www.acidplanet.com earlier today i can say i thoroughly recommend it for anyone looking to get their tracks online.

after uploading your track(s) they are available instantly (as pointed out by Bios).. the site runs smoothly, looks good and there are many useful bits connected to your profile / song. the ability to leave reviews for a song is great amongst other things.

now if only they'd allow 100mB filesize for those mixes  ::)

jim b:
I too may be able to provide some space for Hijackers stuck for storage space.  ;)

Sure thing, I reckon between us all we'll find hosting!

Hey, by the way anything is welcome even if it is a fun bootleg remix for a party or a few loops. ;)

jim b:
Werd. We can trade loops and samples and stuff.  :twothumbs:


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