Cameron - TekStyleMoodz#6 DnB Mix 11/07/04

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Well after talking it up for ages I finally got off my lazy fat arse and did something about it... so here for your amusement I present a mix I did on Sunday:


Oh, and it even has a track-listing, a very rare thing indeed when it comes to my mixes:

Cameron - Tek-Style Moodz #6 - Mixed in Bristol 11th July 2004
 1. K - No Hands (Subtitles)
 2. Bios - Out Of Earth (Unsigned Dub-plate)
 3. Klute & Fanu - Defunct Drums Depression Decade [Klute Drum Spray Mix] (Commercial Suicide vs Offshore)
 4. C4C - Paranormal * 2 (C4C Recordings)
 5. Danny C - Serious (Nu Directions)
 6. Deadlock - Splintered Minds (Mindrush Recordings)
 7. Benny Blanco - 2496 (Back 2 Basics) 
 8. Controlled Substance - Droptone (nVision)
 9. Rob F & Impulse & Mecha - Recall (Subtitles)
10. BSE & Optiv - Insiders (Black Sun Empire)
11. Bulletproof - Syndicate (Cyanide)
12. Ed Rush & Optical - Compund [Gridlok Rmx] (Virus)
13. Break & Hydro - Breathless (DNAudio)
14. Silent Witness - Ringside (DSCI4)
15. Bios & Cameron - So Far So Good (Unsigned Dub-plate)
16. Dom & Roland - Break Out (Moving Shadow)
17. C4C - Sky Harbour (BC Recordings)
18. Mayhem & Impulse - Chamber (SLR)
19. Raiden - Scum On The Run (Metaphor Recordings)

Enjoy!  ;D

:edit: ...and before anyone asks "where's Reflection?"... my MiniDisc ran out :cry: was the next tune.

'Bout time an' all. :teeth:

Really nice tracklist tho man. Looking forward to a copy on CD. ;)

Quote from: ThinKing on July 13, 2004, 12:40:04

'Bout time an' all. :teeth:

Really nice tracklist tho man. Looking forward to a copy on CD. ;)

Hmm, well if today's weather holds up I think I might be inclined to have a walk and a jar chez Channings, once I've burnt a coupla CDs. Ding ya later geez.

Reflection or STFU!!  :tomato:

nah proper mate, wicked selection. Paranormal, Insiders, Compound, Breathless, Ringside. Sky Harbour! What more could any proper tech loving individual want??


jim b:
Listening now for my pre Metric warm-up. Sounds good so far. Comic scratch samples...   :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :slayer:


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